Journal Prompt: Writing Your Story

Your story is so important!! It’s one of the many unique things about you that makes you special. But it’s also true that all of our stories have things about it that are difficult and hard to face. I once did this journal prompt for my story and it allowed me to see myself and my story differently.

Journal Prompt

Today’s journal prompt is all about writing your narrative with a spin. Write your story as a narrative of someone else’s story. When I did the prompt I told the story of a girl name Anna and I wrote about her story and adventures, but of course it was my story. Below are some things to consider to help get started.

What part of your story are you wanting to write about?

What is the character’s name in the story?

What type of narrative is this? For example, my story was a story of overcoming an obstacle.

After you write your story reflect on how it made you feel. How did it changed how you see your story?