Organizing Craft Supplies

I love having a craft room! Having a set space to create and generate ideas is one of my favorite things. But sometimes it can become chaotic. Often one idea leads to another and then another which then leaves a trail of supplies and project remnants.

There are a few things I’ve put in place in my craft room that makes life a little easier!

Hanging Tools

One thing that was constantly driving me crazy was never knowing where my tools were. I knew I needed a more permanent place to store my tools. I had looked into buying or making a peg board, but challenged myself to use materials I had already. I’ve been trying to make that a consistent habit to always shop in the craft room first before heading out to the store.

I had made this chicken wire frame for a display at a craft show and it was just sitting in my closet. So I decided to make this into a place to store my tools. So I gathered bookrings, clips, binder clips, and more from my various craft stashes and complied this space to hang up all my tools. I love it and it is so helpful!!

Making this chicken wire frame was so simple! It’s actually a large canvas that I repurposed! I simple took off the canvas, stained the wood, and the attached chicken wire with a staple gun. Very simple, but makes a very function frame!

Craft Dresser

If you are like me and work on a variety of different types of crafts this is a must!! I love having my fabric dresser in my craft room closet! I store and keep organized so many different little supplies in my dresser and it is easy to access and see what I have in stock.

Hanging Pin Cushion and Thread Storage

I do a variety of hand sewing and having a set place to keep my needles and thread is a must! The thread storage hanger I actually bought at Joann’s. They sell them in several different sizes and it has saved me so much time! Before I had them in a small container and the thread would get knotted and mixed up. Now it all in place and organized.

I actually made these embroidery hoop pin cushions for a craft show. But I’m so glad that I am also using it for my own storage. It is a cute and simple way to store all of your different needles. I also love that it can be hung to save room on my craft desk!