Journal Prompt: Winter Reflections

The seasons can bring so much inspiration and opportunity to reflect! Today’s journal prompt is all about Winter and reflecting on the lessons this season teaches us.

Journal Prompt

Winter is a season of rest. It is a season where nature has let go and is still before a time of growth and rebirth.

How can you choose to rest and be still during this season?

Nothing in nature blooms all year. How can you use this time to recharge and refocus in preparation for a time of growth?

This is a time to reflect on where you’ve been and we’re you are going. What growth have you experienced lately? How do you intend to keep pressing towards your goals in the next season of your life?

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Journal Prompt

Life is made of a variety of seasons and chapters! Today’s journal prompt is all about reflecting on your current season.

Seasons Prompt

If you could name your current season in life what would you call it?

How would you describe this season?

What does this season mean to you in your overall journey?

How have you been growing in this season?