Podcast: New Year Reflections


Welcome to my podcast! This brief episode is all about reflection on the new year and the quote of the day by Anthony Robbins. You can check it out below!

New Year Reflections

Organizing Your Creative Space


Today’s podcast is about organizing your creative space! I recorded this last week and wanted to share with you how I organized and made my craft room more accessible! I’ve been thinking about how organization can give us space to be more creative and the ability to work on projects more efficiently!

Would love to hear about how you organize your space!

Inspiration for Creativity


During this podcast we will chat about creativity and inspiration! I have actually been talking with several people in a various areas of my life about this! The beauty of creativity is that we are all creative in such different ways and can be inspired by so many different things! We will chat about some of those sources of inspiration and forms of creativity.

I will also be sharing this quote and what it means to me!

My Story & Beginnings

Episode 1 – My Story

My Story

Thank you for listening to my podcast! I wanted to share with you about my story and my ‘why’ behind starting Blooming Resilient. Stay tuned for more!

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