Journal Prompt: Favorite Halloween Memory

There are so many Fall memories that bring us joy! Today’s journal prompt is all about what memories from Halloween brought us joy!

Journal Prompt

Today is all about looking back and remembering the good times during Halloween! Below are a list of questions to bring up positive memories!

What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

What candy do you enjoy on Halloween?

What is your favorite Halloween activity?

Journal Prompt: 2022 Summer Favorites

It can be so easy to forget about the good things that happen during the different seasons in our lives. The journal prompt today is all about what your favorite memories were during this summer!

Journal Prompt

What was your favorite memory from the summer season in 2022? Who was with you and where did you experience it?

What was your favorite meal during the summer?

What was your favorite way to relax?

What was your favorite movie or TV show during the summer?