My 7 Must Have Essential Oils

7 Must have Essential Oils

I use essential oils regularly as apart of my wellness and self-care routines. I wanted to share with you my must have list of essential oils. This post does contain referral links.

1. Lavender Essential 0il

Lavender is my number one go to oil, as it is for a lot of people. I am anxiety prone and lavender as such a soothing and comforting scent. I always include Lavender in my melt and pour soaps, face toner, and it also makes a really great room spray!

2. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is definitely a staple oil for me as well! I often add lemon into my diffuser blends. I also add Lemon essential oil into my washer with my laundry tablet when I wash my clothes.

3. Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is great for many things! I also will add this into my laundry sometimes with lemon. I also include orange essential oil in my roller bottle recipes for energy. Orange is very uplifting and energizing oil.

4. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil is great! I am using it now as an alternative to orange essential oil in my laundry. I also always include it in my citrus blends. This is a very refreshing scent.

5. Marjoram Essential Oil

This was one of the first essential oils that I started using regularly in my wellness routines. Marjoram essential oil has properties in it that help me with pain. I make a spray with marjoram oil and fractionated coconut oil and spray it directly on areas that I’m having a lot of pain. I typically will do this before bed and it helps me a lot.

6. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is another great essential oil for stress and anxiety. I love to add this oil to my felt ball diffusers in my car when I’m driving and to my roller bottle recipes for anxiety.

7. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is a great oil with many medicinal properties. I have added it to many different recipes, but I like it most in roller bottle recipes. If I am going through a season with a lot of neurological issues from my chronic illness I will make a daily roller bottle with frankincense to help bring some relief.

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil


Bergamot is a sweet and spicy citrus essential oil! It comes from the fruit of the bergamot orange tree (Whelan, 2018). Bergamot is used for food and can be distilled to be used for essential oils. Bergamot trees were originally grown in Southeast Asia, but are now also known for being grown in Italy (Whelan, 2018).

Benefits of Using Bergamot

Bergamot is known for having some medicinal uses and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (Whelan, 2018). These properties contribute to bergamot being used to help with acne and irritated scalp (Whelan, 2018). Bergamot is also known for helping relieve feelings of anxiety and sadness (Tagger, 2023). I also use Bergamot in DIY body care recipes for increasing my energy. It has a very uplifting and soothing scent. Bergamot is a citrus oil and can cause photosensitivity. Be careful to not put bergamot directly on your skin without being diluted. Can cause skin to be sensitive in the sun.

These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Three Ways to Use Bergamot

The number of drops used in these ideas are based on a health adult. If you are sensitive or unsure about how your body responds to essential oils use a much smaller amount to begin with or talk with your doctor first. Look up more specific recommendations for children, seniors, and pregnant women.

  1. Combine Bergamot essential oil with a carrier oil in a roller bottle. I normally add 10 drops.
  2. Add Bergamot essential oil to an aromatic diffuser with water. I usually add 2-3 drops.
  3. Add Bergamot essential oil to melt and pour soaps. For 1 pound of soap I normally add 50 drops of essential oils. Bergamot would also go great in combination with Lavender essential oil.


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Christmas Soaps

Making melt and pour soups is so simple!! They are so cute and can be used as a special gift or for yourself! You can buy melt and pour soaps at various places. I’ve seen it available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Walmart, and Amazon. I enjoy using the Shea butter soap bases but there are many kinds.

I got these ginger bread man and Christmas tree silicone molds at HomeGoods. They were so cute and I couldn’t pass them up. They also had this silicone snowflake. cookie stamp. I’ve never used a stamp on soaps before but thought I would give it a try.

I used a large glass measuring cup to melt my soap. I first cut up the soap into smaller pieces so that it would melt easier. I guessed the amount of soap I would need based on the size of the molds I’m using. Most full size silicone molds will use 1 pound of soap. You can then melt the soap in about 30 second intervals. Stir the soap in between intervals.

Once the soap is melted you can add your essential oils. I used Lavender and added 50 drops and then stirred the soap again.

Then you can pour the soap into the molds.

Like I’ve said I had not stamped soaps before so this was a little bit of an experiment.

I waited until the soap was somewhat hardened but was soft enough to be molded by the stamp. To get the stamp to imprint you have to apply a good amount of pressure and I even tilted the stamp into the soap all the way around to give it a raised effect.

I love how these soaps came out! They smell great and would make really cute Christmas gifts!

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5 Benefits of Using Aroma Diffusers

There are many ways to integrate essential oils into your wellness routines! One of the most common ways is through using aromatic diffusers. There are two types of aromatic diffusers:

  • Active diffusers are either electric or battery operated appliances that uses water to carry the essential oils into the air.
  • Passive diffusers are solitary materials that carry essential oils. Common passive diffusers are lava beads and felt. I often use felt balls for passive diffusers.

Benefits of Using Diffusers

Essential oils are strong and come from plants with medicinal and therapeutic properties. Using an aromatic diffuser can be helpful in many ways! Here are several ways diffusers can be beneficial:

  • Fills the air with essential oils quickly.
  • Allows you to inhale the essential oils and potentially experience the benefits of the essential oils being diffused. Be careful to only diffuse essential oils that are safe for all in your household.
  • Can help relieve stress and promote relaxation (Cronkleton, 2019).
  • Can help increases clarity, focus, and attention (Homesick, 2020).
  • Can cleanse the air with the some of the essential oils antibacterial and antifungal properties (Lane, 2022)


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Fall Room Spray Recipe

I was so excited to make a Fall room spray!! It smells so warm and inviting. The recipe is very simple and easy!

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 ounce Spray Bottle
  • 1 Tbsp Rubbing Alcohol or Witch Hazel
  • 7 drops Clove Essential Oil
  • 7 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Small Funnel


This recipe is very simple. First use a small funnel to put 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle. Then add the essential oils to the bottle. Then you can put water into the spray bottle. Put the lid on and shake before each use.

I hope you give this recipe a try! It will add great fragrance to your Fall season.

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Felt Car Essential Oil Diffuser

This felt car essential Oil diffuser works great!! It was so simple to put together! I tested it out and the aroma is so refreshing in the car! This is what they call a passive diffuser. Felt holds the scent of essential oil really well and can be smelled when you get into and while in the car.

To make the diffuser I used waxed thread and three felt balls. I folded the thread in half and made a knot to make a loop to go over the rear view mirror. Then I used a needle to thread the felt balls and made a knot to secure them.

I love how it turned out! To use it I just put 2-3 drops of the essential oil on one of the felt balls. Whenever the scent fades just add a couple more drops. I used Bergamot essential oil on my diffuser because of its calming and soothing scent.

I hope you give this a try! Comment below with your favorite diffusers!

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Clove Bud Essential Oil Spotlight

Clove Bud

Clove Bud essential oil has a spicy and warm aroma. Cloves comes from the flowering buds of the tropical evergreen tree (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2022). This tree belongs to the myrtaceae family. Clove buds are used as a cooking spice to flavor food. These trees originate from East Asia, and are now grown mostly in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Tanzania (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2022).

The buds contain 14 to 20 percent essential oil, the principal component of which is the aromatic oil eugenol. Cloves are strongly pungent owing to eugenol, which is extracted by distillation to yield oil of cloves.”

Encyclopedia Britannica, 2022

Benefits of Clove Bud Essential Oil

These benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA. There are several benefits of using Clove essential oil (Seladi-Schulman, 2019):

  • Has antimicrobial properties and helps get rid of bacteria
  • Can be used as a pain reliever for toothache or muscle pain
  • Helps relieve respiratory issues such as cough and asthma

How to Use

There are many ways to use Clove Bud essential oils. Consider using one of these options (Seladi-Schulman, 2019):

  • Making a room or body spray
  • Adding to homemade lotions, scrubs or creams
  • Use in an aromatic diffuser
  • Can be used for a tooth ache

Dabbing clove oil onto your sore tooth may help to relieve the pain until you can get to see a dentist. To use clove oil for a toothache, follow these steps:

  1. Dilute a few drops of clove oil in an edible carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil.
  2. Dab a clean cotton ball into the solution, allowing it to soak in.
  3. Avoiding contact with your gums, apply the cotton ball to the sore tooth. It may take a few minutes of application to feel relief. 
  4. Reapply every 2 hours as necessary.”
Jill Seladi-Schulman, 2019


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Lemon Essential Oil Spotlight

All About Lemon

Lemon is a common essential oil used in cleaning and body care recipes. Lemon, also known as citrus-limon, is a plant that is apart of the rutaceae family. It was originally grown in Italy.

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oils

There are many benefits from using lemon essential oils. These benefits have not been reviewed by the FDA. Below are some of the benefits (Watson, 2021):

  • Can help reduce anxiety and depression
  • Eases nausea
  • Can help relieve pain
  • Improves congestion and sore throat
  • Can help increase uplifting and energizing feelings
  • Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

How to use Lemon Essential Oils

Lemon is a strong citrus oil and can cause burns if put directly on the skin without a carrier oil or if it is on your skin and directly exposed to sunlight. I don’t recommend ingesting essential oils due to their strength. When diluted lemon is great for these uses:

  • Use in diffusers, whether an electric or passive diffuser
  • Great in room spray recipes
  • Is a great to add to DIY cleaner recipes
  • Can be used in body care recipes, such as soaps, lotions, scrubs, or deodorants


Watson, K. (2021). “What You Need to Know About Lemon Essential Oil.”

Fall Essential Oils

Fall is here!! Let’s look at what the top essential oils are to use for Fall body care recipes and essential oil blends! These oils bring the aromas and joys of the Fall season!

This post contains affiliate links.

Fall Essentials!


Marjoram Essential Oil Spotlight


This is one of my favorite essential oils! Marjoram is a herb that you can use in cooking, when distilled is an essential oil you can use in a variety of ways!

Origin: Egypt, often grown in Mediterranean, North Africa, and Western Asia (Preiato, 2019)

Herb Family: Mint family

Benefits of Marjoram

These benefits have not been reviewed by the FDA but were reported by people who used them. I don’t recommend ingesting essential oils because of their strength. You can inhale or put essential oils on topically.

  • Marjoram has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties (Preiato, 2019)
  • Is an antioxidant, which helps repair damaged cells (Preiato, 2019)
  • May help with digestive issues (Preiato, 2019)
  • Helps relieve headaches (WebMD)
  • Helps alleviate common cold symptoms
  • Helps relieve nerve and muscle pain (WebMD)


Preiato, D. (2019). “What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses”

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is an energizing, minty, and refreshing scent, which makes it one of the most popular oils! It is also one of the oils for sale in the Blooming Resilient Shop. You can find it at the link below!

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

These benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always be sure to listen to your body and stop using any oil if it causes an allergic reaction or does not make you feel well.

  • Helps reduce headaches, joint pain, and muscle aches (NCCIH, 2022)
  • Helps reduce nerve pain (Ansorge, 2022)
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that may help gastrointestinal issues (Seladi-Schulaman, 2022)
  • Repels mosquitoes (Ansorge, 2022)
  • Help reduce cold symptoms when inhaled (Ansorge, 2022)
  • When used may help increase energy and be uplifting emotionally

How to Use

There are many ways to use essential oils! Some people feel comfort ingesting essential oils, but it is not something I recommend because these oils are so concentrated.

Ways to use your peppermint essential oil:

  • You can add this oil into your body care recipes! This is a great oil to add when making soaps and body sprays!
  • Can be applied to the skin when diluted with a carrier oil in a roller bottle or spray bottle.
  • You can add this to your aroma diffusers to create a refreshing scent in your space!


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Melt & Pour Soap

I love using and making melt and pour soap!! It is cheaper then buying bar soap and you can add in your favorite oils! I buy my soap from Hobby Lobby when they go on sale. I typically use Lavender and Lemon essential oils. I tend to get eczema and the Lavender helps ease any irritation on my skin. I also like to use lemon or sweet orange because of their natural cleansing properties!


  • Melt & Pour Soap, I like using Shea Butter
  • Microwaveable glass bowl
  • Essential Oil of Your Choice
  • Microwave
  • Soap Mold, I use food-grade silicone molds


I normally will make 1 pound of melt and pour soap at a time, which will typically make enough for a whole six to eight cavities in a silicone mold.

  1. Cut the block of melt and pour soap into smaller pieces to fit into the microwaveable glass bowl.
  2. Microwave the soap in 30 second intervals.
  3. In between the intervals take the glass bowl out and stir the soap.
  4. Once the soap is completely melted add in your essential oils. I normally add 50 drops of essential oils for 1 pound of soap. Depending on your skin sensitivity you could consider added less or more than 50 drops.
  5. Stir the essential oils and soap together.
  6. Pour soap into the silicone mold.
  7. Once the soap has hardened and cooled you can carefully pop the soap out of each cavity.
  8. Enjoy!!

Roller Bottle Blend: Relaxation

I love using roller bottles for essential oils! This is a great way to to safely put essential oils on your skin. For this particular blend of relaxation I would put this on my wrist, on my neck near my hairline, or on my inner ankle.

Supplies Needed:


  1. First I put all the drops of essential oils in the roller bottle. In general roller bottles should have 10-15 drops of oil depending on your skin sensitivity.
  2. Use small funnel to fill the rest of the bottle.
  3. Put on roller top and lid! Enjoy!

Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight


Lavender is originally native to Northern Africa and the Mediterranean region, and is often harvested for the purpose of being distilled to become essential oils and for medicinal uses (Nordqvist, 2019). Lavender is apart of the lamiaceae family, which is the mint family of flowering plants (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica).

Benefits of Lavender

The lavender plant is known for having many benefits including (Nordqvist, 2019; Bowman, 2021):

  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Helps alleviate difficulty sleeping
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Aides in the healing of burns and wounds
  • Decreases nausea
  • Decreases upset stomach and abdominal swelling
  • Helps with Acne
  • Decreases eczema
  • Helps with Headaches
  • Treats Hair loss

These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, but have been observed by people who have used essential oils or consumed the lavender plant (Nordqvist, 2019). If using for internal concerns you can use lavender blossoms in tea or in recipes. Though some people drink essential oils it is not recommended due it being so potent.

How I Use Lavender

I use Lavender blossoms and essential oil in a variety of ways. I use the essential oil in my body care recipes, in my aromatic diffuser, in my roller bottles for use on my skin, and have made room sprays with it. I have also cooked with lavender blossoms to make lavender cookies and I enjoy lavender tea as well. Below is a recent blog post where I shared a recipe that I use that involves Lavender Essential Oil.

You can find Organic Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil for sale in the Blooming Resilient Shop at the link below!


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Essential Oils

I love using essential oils! A few years ago, I didn’t know anything about them until a friend taught me how to make body care products using natural ingredients and essential oils. Then I went to a Doterra party with my aunt and discovered all the other ways you can use essential oils and was hooked! There are so many awesome ways that you can incorporate essential oils into your daily life and into your wellness. This is why I am so excited to add essential oils to the Blooming Resilient Shop! I wanted to share with you why I chose Plant Therapy essential oils and some ways that you can use them in your daily life!

Plant Therapy

Plant therapy offers affordable therapeutic grade essential oils. This amazing company began as a family-owned business that thrived to become a large essential oil, body care, and CBD oil supplier. They do have several brick-and-mortar retail stores in addition to their online store. Their oils go through rigorous testing and are coded with a batch number in order to ensure the therapeutic grade quality of each bottle. This brand strives to provide affordable prices for their products by not having their customers buy through direct sales associates. The essential oils that are for sale in my shop, I purchased in bulk in order to resell. I wanted to do this because I love using essential oils myself and wanted to have them available as a wellness product on my blog.

Highlighted Oils

There are several different oils in stock in the shop! Below is the list of the current oils! You can click on the links to see each oil in the Blooming Resilient Shop, which has the description and price for each one.

How I Use Essential Oils

I use essential oils in a variety of ways. Below is a list of ways!

  • Body Care Recipes
  • In the Laundry
  • Room Diffuser
  • Jewelry Diffuser
  • Room Spray
  • Cleaning Sprays

I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned through using essential oils and learning together new ways to use them!