Creative Life: Where To Start

Starting to Create Again

Have you ever gone through seasons where you felt uninspired and unmotivated to create? I’ve been going through that lately! It’s been driving me crazy!! I love to create and craft! I truly believe getting creative is so important for our self-care! But sometimes finding the energy to do it can be difficult. Yet there are so many benefits to creating. Being creative can be so empowering! It is also a great source of hope, joy, and relaxation!

Where do you start when you are wanting to get back to being creative or to begin a creative chapter in your life?

Just start! Start where you are and work with what you have! Sometimes when we are wanting to start a new habit or new goal we set these crazy high expectations for ourselves. If it’s your goal to be more creative maybe start with having one creative activity a week or a couple of evenings a week to work on creative projects. It can look however best fits your life in this season. My goal is just to be creative no matter what that looks like! Whether it’s a completed project or a part of a project just get creative!

What will you create today or this week? Post pictures in the comments! My hope for myself is to start being more creative more often and to simply start something positive and refreshing in my life! What is your creative goal in this season?

I’ve written about three projects in this post that I’ve done this week! I hope they will get your creative ideas flowing!

Wallpaper Adventures

Today I was walking around my craft room wanting to start a creative project. I recently purchased this wood circle from Hobby Lobby. I didn’t have any particular plans when I bought it, but today when I was looking at it decided I wanted to decorate it with embossed wallpaper. I love working with embossed wallpaper! It is so pretty and fun to paint! This may be a strange decision, but the wood sign has a frame on the front so I decided I would decorate the back so that it is one even piece. I traced the wood circle on the wallpaper and cut it out.

I used hot glue to attach the wallpaper to the back of this wood frame. Hot glue can sometimes dry kind of fast so I did it one section at a time.

I wanted to do this layered paint look on the wallpaper with the brown gel stain and green paint. I did a dry brushing technique for the green and watered down gel stain.

I just painted as I wanted. I started with the gel stain and then the green. I just went back and forth with the brush. I did wipe it with the cloth a couple of times to give it a weathered look. This is how it turned out!

What is your creative style?

Dollar Tree Plant Sign

I’ve been thinking about several different craft ideas today, but landed on decoupaging this plant sign from the dollar tree. I love decoupaging with different materials and in various surfaces. It’s so easy to do and so relaxing! I used a bright green and brown paper for this project. I traced the sign on the paper and cut it out.

Then I brushed mod podge on the metal sign and laid the paper on top. You can then seal it by brushing mod podge on top of the paper. It’s such an adorable little hanger!

I love this sign because it’s such a good reminder to keep growing!

Felt Lavender

I’ve been thinking about making more felt lavender for a while and today was finally the day. I’ve already done some of the steps to make the felt Lavender previously so it will be a quick craft to make. Felt lavender is very simple to make. I have photos of the stages below.

First, you have a strip of purple felt whatever size you would like then fold it and glue it in half.

Then cut small slits into the side that’s not glued.

Then use hot glue to wrap it around a floral stem.

Once the stem is all wrapped with your felt you have a lavender stem! Super easy! So I already had a few made and then I made enough to fill this Jean pocket. You could put these in a vase or any kind of container!

This Lavender craft I already had parts of the felt prepared from months ago so it only took me 15 minutes to get the whole thing created. Is there a project you’ve gotten all the supplies for and it is all prepared but haven’t had the time to complete it? Maybe today is the day!!

DIY Moon Craft

I have seen several crafters make moons out of wire wreaths and I was so excited to give it a try! I put a little bit of a different look to it by adding colorful beads and lace!

Supplies Needed

  • 2 Wire Wreaths
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Beads of your Choice
  • Lace
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


This is a very simple but fun craft! The first step is to cut a section of each wreath out with your wire cutters. This does take some strength! I had to give it a few tries. Below is a picture of how I cut mine. You will want to be sure that more ends are free from the vertical bar.

Once you have cut the sections out. You can paint the wreaths white. I used chalk paint, but it would be easier to use spray paint. 

Once the wreaths are dry then you can add your beads to the middle of the moon. The wreaths have a natural curvature in them. The goal is to clasp the beads between the curves of both wreaths. So the typical “backs” of the wreaths will be facing each other.

I then cut a piece of lace and wrapped it around the sections holding the beads to secure them.

Then I cut two more strips of lace and folded them in half and wrapped those around the ends to hold the loose ends together. You will want to wrap them ends pretty tight to give it a crescent moon shape. I used hot glue to hold the lace in place.

Then you have your own moon decoration! You can use this as wall decor or as a shelf sitter! I hope you give this a try!

Organizing Craft Supplies

I love having a craft room! Having a set space to create and generate ideas is one of my favorite things. But sometimes it can become chaotic. Often one idea leads to another and then another which then leaves a trail of supplies and project remnants.

There are a few things I’ve put in place in my craft room that makes life a little easier!

Hanging Tools

One thing that was constantly driving me crazy was never knowing where my tools were. I knew I needed a more permanent place to store my tools. I had looked into buying or making a peg board, but challenged myself to use materials I had already. I’ve been trying to make that a consistent habit to always shop in the craft room first before heading out to the store.

I had made this chicken wire frame for a display at a craft show and it was just sitting in my closet. So I decided to make this into a place to store my tools. So I gathered bookrings, clips, binder clips, and more from my various craft stashes and complied this space to hang up all my tools. I love it and it is so helpful!!

Making this chicken wire frame was so simple! It’s actually a large canvas that I repurposed! I simple took off the canvas, stained the wood, and the attached chicken wire with a staple gun. Very simple, but makes a very function frame!

Craft Dresser

If you are like me and work on a variety of different types of crafts this is a must!! I love having my fabric dresser in my craft room closet! I store and keep organized so many different little supplies in my dresser and it is easy to access and see what I have in stock.

Hanging Pin Cushion and Thread Storage

I do a variety of hand sewing and having a set place to keep my needles and thread is a must! The thread storage hanger I actually bought at Joann’s. They sell them in several different sizes and it has saved me so much time! Before I had them in a small container and the thread would get knotted and mixed up. Now it all in place and organized.

I actually made these embroidery hoop pin cushions for a craft show. But I’m so glad that I am also using it for my own storage. It is a cute and simple way to store all of your different needles. I also love that it can be hung to save room on my craft desk!

Hanging Flower Basket

This is a really simple hanging basket and makes a beautiful piece of wall decor! I have a lot of floral stems that I have collected over the past year and was so excited to use them! The shallow basket is one that I got from the dollar Target section. It was originally $5 and was 50% off with the Christmas items.

Supplies Needed:

  • Shallow Basket
  • Artificial Flowers of your choosing
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters


There are many ways that you could create a floral basket. I chose to keep it simple and just use hot glue.

To attach the flowers I cut the stems off as close to the flower as I could. Then I put hot glue on the basket and attached the flowers. I first did a layer of larger flowers to cover the basket.

Once the first layer of flowers were glued down I started to add another layer of flowers. I added smaller sunflowers, a little bit of greenery, and dandelion flowers. I love the look of the different layers of flowers. I would have liked to add more sunflowers but I wanted to use what I had on hand.

Once I was finished with the basket I hung it on the wall. I just used a nail and rested the basket grooves on the nail.

I love how this turned out! I think this would also be beautiful with just greenery! Hope you give this a try!

Snowman Ornament Makeovers

Supplies Needed:

  • I decorated two different snowman ornaments. One is a snowman head and the other is a full snowman body. I got both from Michael’s.

Painted Snowman Face Ornament Supplies:

  • Paint Brushes
  • Orange, Black, and White Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • White Glitter

Decoupaged Snowman Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scrapbook Paper, I used two different kinds of embossed paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Cloth or Parchment Paper
  • Iron
  • Black Buttons
  • White Craft Wax
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Painted Snowman Instructions:

There are so many ways that you could decorate these ornaments, which is part of what makes it so fun! You can make it your own!

First, I painted the snowman face ornament. I love the texture look of the wood and didn’t feel like I needed to add a lot of embellishments. I first painted the black hat and orange nose.

Then I painted the face with white paint.

Once the paint was dried, I brushed over the white paint with mod podge. Then I sprinkled glitter over the mod podge. Once the area you want is covered with glitter you can shake off the excess glitter from the face.

Some of the glitter did stick to the hat of the ornament. But I love how it turned out.

Decoupaged Snowman Instructions:

First I traced the outline of the snowman and hat on the paper I picked for this project. Then I cut it out.

I painted the hat black before decoupaging it. Then I brushed mod podge on the wooden ornament and placed the snowman cut outs on top.

Instead of brushing mod podge on top of the paper as well I used the ironing technique. All I did was put a piece of cloth over the ornament after I put the paper on top of the mod podge. Then I ironed the ornament until the paper was secured to the ornament. I went over the ornament several times with the iron and then checked it to make sure the paper was secure.

I wanted to add this white wax to the body of the ornament. I had never used this before but thought it would add to the look. I just used my finger to rub the wax on.

Then I used my awl to make a hole in the hat where the twine hang originally was and added the twine hanger. Then I used hot glue to add the black buttons!

Hope these makeovers gave you some additional ideas for your ornament makeovers!!

DIY Trees With Embossed Wallpaper

I enjoyed this project so much!!! I love how both trees turned out! One tree I made with art board and the other with a wooden triangle tree. I was originally inspired to do this project when watching another crafter, the owner of Hammons Nest, used embossed paintable wallpaper to decorate faux winter skates. I knew I wanted to try making a tree with these materials!! Check out the tutorial below!! This post contains my Amazon referral link.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Tree, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Art Board, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Embossed Paintable Wallpaper
  • Mod Podge
  • Antique Green Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Cloth to Wipe Excess Paint
  • 3 ivory or Brown Cloth Strips
  • Brown Paint
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


To start this project I first worked on the tree made from art board. I drew a Christmas tree in pencil on the board. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it can be any size you want! You can see by all my eraser marks that it took me several tries until I liked how it looked.

I used regular scissors to cut out the tree. It was a little bit difficult to cut it out because the board was so thick, but it worked pretty well!

Then I traced the cut art board tree and the wooden tree on the wall paper and cut them out.

Then I brushed mod podge on the board and wooden tree and put the cut out wallpaper on top. I did press down on both projects for a little bit to ensure the wallpaper was secure.

Then I used this antique green chalk paint to paint both projects. To do this I brushed the painted over the wallpaper until it was completely covered. Then before it could dry fully I wiped the excess paint off with a scrap piece of cloth. I love how this technique brought out the details of the wall paper!!

I did not paint the stand of the wooden tree, but I did add a trunk to the art board tree. I braided three strips of plain ivory fabric and used hot glue to attach it to the trunk. Then I painted it with brown paint.

I love how these turned out!! Comment below if you give this craft a try!

3 DIY Christmas Crafts

I got crafty and wanted to share these 3 Christmas crafts with you!! Below is the list of crafts for you to check out:

  1. Grapevine Tree
  2. Snow-globe Ornament
  3. Metal Christmas Tree Makeover

1. Grapevine Tree

This is a really simple craft, but I love the way it turns out!! All you need is the grapevine tree form, greenery, and wire cutters. This post contains my Amazon referral links.

This greenery was a great size for this project, but you can use any greenery you would like. I first trimmed the ends of the greenery. As you go up the tree you will find that you will trim the greenery at different lengths.

To put in the greenery all you do is secure it in the vines of the tree. I didn’t use any hot glue in this grapevine tree form.

As you continue to fill the tree you can adjust the greenery to make whatever shape you wish. The more you fill the tree form the more secure the greenery will be.

This is what mine looked like when it was all finished. I made it into a traditional tree shape. And added a small topper. I love how it turned out!!

This makes great walk decor or could be a shelf sitter. I love the dimension the greenery adds.

2. Snow-Globe Ornament

I’ve seen other crafters make these ornaments and wanted to give it a try! You can use any image in the ornament, which makes it so unique and special!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood Ornament Frame, I got mine from Michael’s
  • Plastic Ornament that unclasps into two halves
  • Scissors
  • Image for inside Wood Frame, I used a snowman from my Winter Printables
  • Black paint
  • Mod Podge
  • E6000 Glue
  • Craft Snow
  • Paint brushes

First, I wanted to decoupage the snowman I picked to go inside the snow-globe. I took out the back of the wood frame and traced it over the image I chose and cut it out.

Then you can decoupage the image onto the wood. To decoupage you brush mod podge onto the wood, place the image on the wood, and brush mod podge on top of the image to seal it.

While that was drying I painted the frame black on the front and back. You can paint the frame any color you would like.

Once that was dried I wanted to glue my plastic ornament to the frame. I used E6000 glue because it will stick really well, but it does take time to dry. I put the glue along the edges of the plastic ornament and then positioned it how I wanted on the frame.

Once you are sure the plastic ornament is secure you can turn it upside down and add your snow!

Then put the back of the frame back on! I added some E6000 glue to the edge the wood it’s in to secure it.

I made this simple bow and added it to the top of the snow globe and replaced the twine hanger. Then you are ready to hang it on your tree!!

3. Metal Christmas Tree Makeover

This is a simple, but fun craft!! I love using this embossed paper from Hobby Lobby.

Supplies Needed:

  • Metal Tree from Dollar Tree
  • Embossed Paper, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Antique Green Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Greenery & Berries
  • Christmas Ribbon & Floral Wire
  • Scissors

First, I traced the tree on the embossed paper and cut it out.

Then I used mod podge to attach the paper to the metal tree. I also used a little bit of hot glue around the edges to secure it.

Then I painted the embossed paper with this beautiful green chalk paint! I did a dry brushing technique so that you could still see some of the white coming through in the embossed paper.

I used this greenery and berries to decorate the bottom of the tree. I used hot glue to place the greenery where I wanted it.

Then I made a little bow to go in the middle of the greenery. To make the bow I made four loops and then bound them together with floral wire. Then I hot glued a small piece of the ribbon in the middle to hide the wire.

This makes such a cute decoration!! Once you add the twine hanger you can hang it on the wall or a door knob!

DIY Winter Cookie Cutter Sign

Supplies Needed:

  • Metal Sign, I got mine from the Dollar Tree
  • White Paint
  • Brush
  • Printable Winter Sign
  • Paper Tear Edge
  • Mod Podge
  • Drill
  • Awl
  • 3 Jump Rings
  • 2 Pliers
  • Family Snowman Set, I got mine from HomeGoods


I’ve had this metal sign from Dollar Tree for a while now and was excited to finally use it! This family of snowman is a set I got from HomeGoods and it was only a few dollars!! Love how they all have different hats!

First I started by painting the sign white. I used regular white acrylic paint and a foam brush.

I made some winter themed printables and used this winter one for this sign. I used a torn paper edge to give the paper a rough finish. All you do is hold the edge on top of your paper and tear the the paper up against the edge.

Once the paper was the right size I decoupaged the paper to the sign. To decoupage you first brush mod podge on the sign, place the paper on top, and then brush mod podge on top of the paper.

While that was drying I used a drill to make a small hole at the top of the cookie cutters. I made the hole closer to the back of the cookie cutter so that I could use a jump ring to attach it to the sign.

Then make a holes with an awl at the bottom of the sign to attach the cookie cutters.

To open the jump rings us two pliers. One to hold the ring still and the other to turn open the ring. Then slid the ring the the hole in the sign and the hole in the cookie cutter. Then you can use the pliers to close the ring.

Then you have this super cute winter sign! You can add other embellishments too. I kept it simple!

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Christmas Soaps

Making melt and pour soups is so simple!! They are so cute and can be used as a special gift or for yourself! You can buy melt and pour soaps at various places. I’ve seen it available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Walmart, and Amazon. I enjoy using the Shea butter soap bases but there are many kinds.

I got these ginger bread man and Christmas tree silicone molds at HomeGoods. They were so cute and I couldn’t pass them up. They also had this silicone snowflake. cookie stamp. I’ve never used a stamp on soaps before but thought I would give it a try.

I used a large glass measuring cup to melt my soap. I first cut up the soap into smaller pieces so that it would melt easier. I guessed the amount of soap I would need based on the size of the molds I’m using. Most full size silicone molds will use 1 pound of soap. You can then melt the soap in about 30 second intervals. Stir the soap in between intervals.

Once the soap is melted you can add your essential oils. I used Lavender and added 50 drops and then stirred the soap again.

Then you can pour the soap into the molds.

Like I’ve said I had not stamped soaps before so this was a little bit of an experiment.

I waited until the soap was somewhat hardened but was soft enough to be molded by the stamp. To get the stamp to imprint you have to apply a good amount of pressure and I even tilted the stamp into the soap all the way around to give it a raised effect.

I love how these soaps came out! They smell great and would make really cute Christmas gifts!

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Dollar Tree Snowman Makeover

I saw this metal snowman at Dollar Tree recently and was so excited to do a makeover with it!! You can check out how I did it below!

Supplies Needed:

  • Metal Snowman, from Dollar Tree
  • White Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Wood Buttons
  • Fabric for Scarf, I used Christmas fabric from Walmart
  • Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue
  • Brown and Orange Paint for Face


My favorite thing about this type of craft is that you can personalize it to your own personal taste. You can use whatever embellishments and decorations that you would like!

First I painted the snowman white. I just used regular acrylic paint. I didn’t brush it on, instead I used the brush to dab the paint on.

Once the snowman is covered with the paint and dried you can then add your scarf! I used a piece of Christmas fabric that I got from Walmart and folded it. I used hot glue to attach the fabric and fold it around the neck to look like a scarf.

Then I add a large wooden button to embellish the scarf. You can use three small buttons to decorate the bottom of the snowman.

Then I used acrylic paint to make the nose and eyes. To make the eyes I just used the flat end of a paint brush. This is great for making circles! Then I used a small brush to make the nose. Once your snowman is done you can add the twine hanger!

I love this size decoration for hanging on door knobs or wall decor!!

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DIY Thanksgiving Embroidery Hoop Sign

Supplies Needed

  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Fabric, I used a plain ivory cotton fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Thanksgiving Scrapbook Paper, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Burlap Placemat, I got mine from burlap that had the word “thankful” on it
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Fall Artificial Flowers
  • Pencil
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Paint Brush


I love this Thanksgiving paper!! It is so beautiful!! I have never tried this type of decoupaging before and love how it turned out!

The first thing I did was use a pencil to trace the embroidery hoop circle on the paper. Trace it around the outer embroidery hoop.

Then you can put the fabric in the embroidery hoop.

Then I used a brush to spread mod podge on the embroidery hoop and fabric. Then you can place the circle you cut out on the the fabric and embroidery hoop.

I also brushed mod podge on top of the sign. I used mod podge to smooth down the edges on the sides of the embroidery hoop.

I used a plastic bag to smooth out the paper before the mod podge dried. It worked great! But it would work better with plastic wrap.

I used hot glue to glue the excess fabric down to the inside of the embroidery hoop.

I wanted to add this burlap placemat word to the sign. I cut out the word to fit the sign and rounded the edges. I then used hot glue to attach the word to the paper.

I wanted to add Fall flowers underneath the burlap fabric. I used hot glue to secure them under the burlap!

I hope you give this a try!! It was so much fun to make!

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Easy Thankful Sign

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood Sign, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • White Paint
  • Brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Thanksgiving Paper Placemat
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Macramé Yarn


This sign is really easy to make!! You can make this with any paper placemat. I love these “thankful” placemats from Hobby Lobby!

The first step I took was to paint the edges of the wood sign white. Once the paint is dried you can sand it to distress it.

Then trim the paper placemat to fit your sign. I just used a regular paper cutter. Once the paper placemat is the right size you can use hot glue to attach the paper to the sign. I found this to be the fastest and easiest way to secure the placemat to the sign.

I bought this macramé yarn at Michael’s when it was only $5. You can use any color that matches your sign. I used hot glue to line the yarn around the edges of the sign.

Then you have a cute and fun sign!! It can be so simple to make unique and fun items for your home!

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DIY Burlap Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

  • Burlap
  • Twine
  • Yarn Needle
  • Stuffing
  • Stem, I used sticks I cut from a grapevine wreath
  • Embellishments, I used Fall floral that I previously got from Michael’s
  • Scissors


I love making pumpkins and this one was so much fun!

First I cut out a circle from the burlap. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect. I used twine to sew the burlap. A yarn needle is good to use when sewing with twine.

I did a basic stitch around the whole border of the circle. Make sure to leave a tail at the beginning of the stitch and at the end.

To close the pumpkin gently pull on the twine tails. When the hole is still opened some add stuffing to the pumpkin. You can make it as plump as you would like.

Once your pumpkin is stuffed you can tie the pumpkin closed. Make sure to tie it pretty tight.

Then you can add a stem and embellishments to your pumpkin! I cut some twigs from a grapevine wreath to make my stem. I wrapped wire around the bottom of the sticks to hold them together. Then I added leaves and Fall flowers to the pumpkin.

I hope you give this a try! Comment below with your favorite pumpkin crafts!

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Composition Notebook Makeover

Supplies Needed:

  • Composition Notebook
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Embellishments
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors


There are many fun ways to makeover composition notebooks! This makeover is using mod podge and scrapbook paper! You can use any scrapbook paper you would like!

I first trimmed the paper down. I wanted to fold the paper over the edge of the notebook so I made sure to leave enough length on the paper to do so.

I decoupaged the scrapbook paper to the front and then the back cover. To decoupage the cover brush mod podge on the cover, then place the paper down, and then brush mod podge on top of the paper. You can then fold the paper over the edges and decoupage the edges inside.

To dry the journal I stood it up and made sure the pages did not touch the mod podge while it was wet.

Once the front and back were dry, I added embellishments. I only added embellishments to the front cover. The supplies I used were all from Walmart and I used hot glue to attach them.

I hope you give this a try! So fun to make your journal unique and special!

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Halloween Cookie Cutter Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Black, Purple, and Purple Glitter Paint
  • Cauldron Cookie Cutter, I got mine from Walmart
  • Black Tulle
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors


This is a really easy and fun craft! First I lightly brushed the canvas with purple and black paint. You can use a dry brushing technique. To do this you use a mostly dry brush with a little bit of paint to cover the canvas.

Once the canvas is covered, you can prepare your cookie cutter. I used scissors to cut a gap in the middle of the top of the cookie cutter to pull the tulle through. Then you can put hot glue around the edges of the cookie cutter to attach it to the canvas. I put it toward the bottom of the canvas.

I had this black tulle left over from another project and used one piece folded in half.

I first pulled the tulle through the hole I made at the top of the cookie cutter. I bunched up the tulle to fit it into the cauldron and used hot glue to keep the tulle secure. Then I fanned out the tulle over the other half of the canvas and used small drops of hot glue to secure it.

Then I brushed the purple glitter on the black tulle to give it some sparkle.

I love how this turned out!! Comment below if you give this try or your favorite Halloween craft!

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Thankful Sign

Supplies Needed

  • Wood Circle, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Fall Themed Cupcake Wrapper
  • Mod Podge and Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Pinecones, I got a bag of them from Hobby Lobby
  • DecoArt Textured Paint Gold
  • Twine


I saw these cupcake wrappers, at Dollar Tree, and thought they would make a great sign! I bought these small round signs from Hobby Lobby. I decoupaged the wrapper to the center of the sign. To decoupage you brush mod podge on the wood, place the wrapper on top, and brush mod podge on top of the wrapper.

After it dried, I hot glued pinecones around the edge of the wrapper. When gluing the pinecones make sure to hold it in place for about 10 seconds while the hot glue dries.

After all the pinecones were glued, I used a brush and painted gold textured paint around the rest of the circle. I love the look of textured paint!!

After the paint was dried, I used hot glue to attach a twine hanger on the back!

Love how this sign turned out!! Comment below if you give this a try!

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Halloween Wreath

Supplies Needed:

All the wreath supplies for this project are from Dollar Tree.

  • Bicycle Wreath Form
  • Creepy Cloth
  • Halloween Flowers
  • Large Spider
  • Wooden Halloween House
  • Black Paint
  • Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks


I was excited to use all Dollar Tree items to make this spooky Season wreath!

I ended up just using 1 creepy cloth package. I put a dab of hot glue on various parts of the wreath form to keep the cloth in place.

I painted the house black. You could distress it with white as well.

I hot glued the house to the right of the wreath and the flowers and the large spider on the left. I love the purple and black colors for Halloween!

The fun thing about this wreath is that you can customize it with whatever Halloween decorations you like!

Comment below if you give this a try or with a picture of your favorite Halloween wreath!

Shadow Box Snowman

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 Shadow Boxes, I got mine from Michael’s that were hexagon shaped
  • White and Black Paint
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Brush
  • Christmas Greenery and flowers of choice


These hexagon shadow boxes are from Michael’s and we’re only $1 each. I cut the twine hanger off the one the one that will be at the bottom of the snowman. There is also a metal hanger on the back of these frames for wall decor.

I used hot glue to glue the frames together. You could also use wood glue or E6000, but the hot glue worked great for me! After the frames were glued together I painted them white.

I decided to use felt balls for the inside of my snowman, but you can also use stuffing. I squished the felt balls in tightly.

I then put hot glue on each felt ball to secure them.

Once all the white felt balls are secure, I hot glued colored felt balls for the eyes, nose, and buttons.

Then I made the hat with popsicle sticks. I used gardening shears to cut the popsicle sticks but you can also use scissors. I started with the base of the hat and then formed the top of the hat with shorter popsicle sticks. I used hot glue to hold the sticks together.

Then I painted the hat black. I added a few white sticks, greenery, white flowers, and a pinecone to the hat.

I used hot glue to attach the hat to the top of the snowman! There is a hanger on the frames so you could hang it or prop it up on a shelf!

Hope you give this a try! Comment below with your favorite snowman crafts!

Grapevine Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

  • 8 Small Grapevine Wreaths
  • Brown Wire
  • 2 Wood Spools
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
  • Spanish Moss
  • Greenery


This is a very simple craft, but is also a great addition to your fall home decor! I took the 8 small grapevine wreaths and used wire to gather them together.

I twisted the wire to hold the grapevine wreaths securely in place.

Pumpkin stems are so fun because you can use all kinds of materials to make them. I had these two small wood spools that I glued together to make the stem.

I used hot glue to wrap the twine around the spools. I added a little bit of hot glue at the beginning, middle, and end of the spools to keep the twine in place. I also put hot glue on the top of the spool and circled the twine on top.

Then I put hot glue on the bottom of the stem and placed it securely in the middle of the pumpkin.

I love to add Spanish moss to pumpkins! I put hot glue on the wreaths where I wanted the moss and adjusted it accordingly. Then added some greenery.

I hope you give this a try! Share your favorite pumpkin crafts in the comments!

Embroidery Hoop Leaf Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Leaf Cut Outs, I got mine on Amazon
  • Paint, I used red, yellow, and orange
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks


I first laid out the wooden leaves on the embroidery hoop to see how many I would need.

Then I painted the leaves. You can paint them whatever color you want to and you can mix colors for different shades.

Once the painted leaves dry, you can glue them on the embroidery hoop! Super easy craft and fun to do!!

DIY Fall Felt Ball Garland

Supplies Needed:

  • Needle
  • Waxed Thread
  • Scissors
  • Felt Balls, I used white, yellow, green, and purple


This is really simple to make and so fun! You can make such a beautiful garlands with felt balls. I used colors that reminded me of fall and incorporated shades of white, yellow, green, and purple. It makes me think of the Indian corn decorations.

To start the garland I made a loop at the end of the piece of waxed thread.

Thread your needle and then use your needle to gather the felt balls together. I just pushed the needle through each ball and pushed the ball down the the end of the garland. The needle goes through the felt balls really easily. Once you have all the balls you want sewn together you can make another loop at the end.

These garlands are fun to hang, use in baskets or drape over a shelf!

I hope you give this a try!!

Vinyl Wood Sign

Supplies Needed

  • Wood Sign
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl, I used these that I bought from Amazon
  • Iron
  • Parchment Paper, I didn’t have parchment paper so I used a coffee filter
  • Scissors


These wood hangers are from Hobby Lobby and I bought these vinyl signs from Amazon. These two seemed to be a good fit for the hangers.

I used a coffee filter instead of parchment paper for ironing. I put the iron on the highest temperature and pressed it on the sign in 15 second intervals. Be careful to not burn yourself or the sign. I did have to put some pressure on the iron when it was on the sign. You can periodically test it to see if the vinyl is sticking to the sign by peeling off the plastic. The plastic will be hot so be careful!

When the whole vinyl piece is stuck to the sign you can peel off the whole piece of plastic. Then you have a cute sign!! 🌻

Dollar Tree Mermaid Tail Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Tissue Paper, I used Teal and Mermaid scale design
  • Wooden Mermaid Tails from Dollar Tree
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush


I love decoupaging and was excited to try this on the wooden mermaid tails. First I traced the shape of the top of the tail on the printed tissue paper and the fin on the teal tissue paper. I made sure to leave a bit of space so the tissue paper would wrap around the edges.

I started with the top of the mermaid tail and then decoupaged the fin last. To decoupage you brush mod podge on the wood then place the tissue paper and brush the mod podge on top of the tissue paper to seal it. I used mod podge to also wrap the tissue paper around the edges and back.

After decoupaging the whole tail and fin I added another layer of tissue paper to the fin.

This is what it looked like when it dried! This is a fun decoration! Hope you give this a try!

DIY Denim Flower Tree

This was such a fun project and a great way to use your tree cones! These are the supplies I used for this project:

  • 17-inch Tree Cone
  • Jean Scraps
  • Lace
  • Brown Paint for Base
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Scissors

I cut the lace to the general shape needed to cover the tree cone and trimmed it as needed. I used mod podge to attach the lace to the bottom of the tree above the trunk. Then I mod podged the seam closed.

I painted the base with dark brown paint.

I then covered the tree with denim flowers! I will explain how I made the three types of flowers I used below!

This is a really simple flower to make! I first learned how to make this flower with felt. You can see how to make this type of flower at the link below!

Here is a gallery that depicts the steps to making a rose. I first fold the end and start rolling the denim from the bottom. Then when you get mid-way up the fold you can start twisting and wrapping the denim around itself to make the flower body. Once you get to the end of the flower use hot glue to secure the fabric.

To make this flower I cut scraps I had from the other denim flowers into the shape of petals. I cut smaller petals for the inside of the flower and glued those to the felt ball center first. Then I glued on the bigger petals all the way around after. You can add as many layers as you want!

Change Jar Makeover

Supplies Needed:

  • Jar
  • Tissue Paper
  • Dried Flowers, I got mine from Amazon
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush

Optional if printing on tissue paper:

  • Printer
  • Piece of paper
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Scissors


I was excited to do this change jar makeover! I washed the jar before doing any crafting with it. I decided to print a saying on tissue paper to decoupage on the jar.

To print on the tissue paper I used double sided tape to attach the the tissue paper to a regular piece of paper and put it in the printer to print. It worked really well!

I then cut out the phrase I printed and decoupaged it to the top of the jar. I learned that it is important to be a little gentle when decoupaging the tissue paper because it is easy to tear.

Then you can move on to decoupaging the dried flowers! It’s very easy to do. I had two different packs of dried flowers and so I mixed the different flowers and leaves together.

First you will want to brush mod podge on the jar. Then place the the desire flower or leaf down and brush mod podge on top of it.

I mod podged the flowers all the way around the jar. You can use as many as fits your preference or jar. The excess mod podge will dry clear.

This was so fun!! I hope you give this a try!

Cork & Flower Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • Corks, I bought mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Awl or something to make a hole in the top of the cork for the flower to sit in
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Wood Shadow Box


I have been so excited to use this wooden frame. I previously stained it with a dark wood stain from Hobby Lobby. I started by making a hole at the top of the cork that was big enough for the flower stems to sit in. I just put one flower per cork.

Once all the corks had a a flower in them, I started hot gluing the corks to the wood frame.

This was such a unique and fun craft!! I hope you give this a try!

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Large Embroidery Hoop, I used an 18 inch one from Hobby Lobby
  • Zip Ties
  • Wire Cutters
  • Garland, I used 2 Strands of Garland
  • Decorations of Your Choice


This is a really simple craft, but an awesome way to use your left over or favorite garlands! All you have to do is zip tie the garland to the front of the embroidery hoop. I used a lot of zip ties to be sure that it was secure, but made sure the zip tie was right next to the branches to cover it.

I ended up pulling the ends to the back of the wreath to make it easier to cut the excess with my wire cutters.

Once I secured both the garland all the way around the hoop, I started decorating! I pulled apart these green berries and snow covered greenery from last Christmas and stuck them in all around the wreath! You could add your favorite winter ornaments, floral decor, or pine cones.

Rainbow Craft


  • Wooden Rainbow
  • Paint, I used the standard rainbow colors red,orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet
  • Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
  • White Felt Balls


  • 4 Burlap Leaves
  • Paint


  • 2 Wooden Beads
  • Paint
  • Twine
  • Button


First, I painted the rainbow. I did not go in the correct order of colors, instead of starting with red I started with orange. I’m not a good painter and found it difficult to cover the inside well without getting the wrong color on the outer ridges. Using a small brush made this easier.

I hot glued three wool felt balls on the bottom of each side of the rainbow. You could also use cotton balls instead.

To make the butterfly I painted four burlap leaves. I twisted the leaves together two at a time and then twisted both pairs together. Once they are twisted together I wrapped the wire around the center and made antennas with the left over wire.

To make the bee I glued two wooden bees together and painted them yellow. I put some hot glue in the middle and used twine to make the wings and put a button on top.

Then I hot glued the butterfly and bee on the rainbow. This craft was so fun! Hope you give this a try!

Bulb Vase Makeover

Supplies Needed

  • Bulb Jar, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Fabric scraps
  • Ribbon for Bow
  • Artificial Flowers


I first cut out pieces of a scrap fabric to be the height of the bulb vase. I ended up only using three pieces.

You can then take off the lid and mod podge the fabric to the vase. To do this brush a layer of mod podge on the glass and then place the fabric on the glass and brush another layer of mod podge on top of the fabric.

Once you cover the whole vase let it dry. Then you can add whatever embellishments you want to. I added a ribbon bow. Then you can add your artificial flowers! This is such a quick and fun craft!! Hope you give it a try!

Dollar Tree Bowl Light

Supplies Needed:

  • Candle holder
  • 2 Clear Plastic Dollar Tree Bowls, the same size
  • E6000 Glue
  • X-ACTO Knife
  • Hammer
  • Sand Paper
  • Fairy Lights
  • Spray Paint (optional)


This is such a fun idea! I got this idea from Barb, at the Shabby Tree. The big difference between the way I did it is that I wanted to light structure to be all glued together and wanted to make a hole in the top bowl to put the fairy light in.

To make the hole in the top bowl I used an X-ACTO knife. Be very careful when attempting to do this. I turned to bowl upside down and slowly and firmly pressed the knife along the inner circle at the bottom of the bowl. I went around several times until there was a significant groove etched around the inner circle.

This may not be best practice, but it worked for me. I used a small hammer and firmly tapped the middle of the bottom of the bowl and the plastic broke off where I had made a groove with the knife. Once all the plastic is out from the bottom of the bowl, you can then use a small piece of sandpaper to smooth the edges.

I spray painted the bowl that I cut the bottom out of. Then you can glue the first bowl to the candle stand with E6000 glue. I put the glue on the candle stand and then put the bowl on top. Once that is in place, you can then put E6000 glue on the rim of the already glued bowl and place the second bowl upside down on top of it. The hole you created should be pointing upward so you can put the lights inside.

Then add lights!!

I love this because it is tall enough to be on the floor or a table! Right now, it is like a small pillar next to my craft closet!! I love it!!

Americana Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Wire Wreath Frame
  • Sparkle Chenille Yarn, size 6
  • Americana Flowers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Americana Burlap to make a Bow
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks


This yarn is so soft!!! I love it!! The first step I took to make this wreath is wrapped the wire wreath form with this yarn. I did not use any hot glue to cover it. I simply tied the yarn about the wreath and then wrapped it around the form. Once the wreath was totally covered, I tied the end around the wreath and tucked in the tail.

I made this burlap bow out of an oversized bow that I previously got from Home Goods. I disassembled the bow and made this much smaller one. I hot glued the bow onto the wreath.

I got these Americana flowers at Michael’s! I trimmed them with wire cutters and then put them in the wreath around the bow. You can use hot glue to secure the flowers in place.

I hope you give this a try! I would love to see your favorite Americana wreaths!!

Chicken Wire Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Jute Wreath, I got mine from Michael’s
  • Chicken Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Artificial flowers and leaves, I used burlap leaves from Hobby Lobby
  • Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks


This is a simple wreath to make and can also be used as a space to hang notes and lists. I love how it turned out!!

I used a jute wreath and covered it with chicken wire. To do this I cut the chicken wire with wire cutters to be the general shape of a circle with enough excess to wrap around the the edges of the wreath. I squished the excess chicken wire down around the jute wreath. You can use work gloves if your skin is sensitive to the poking of the wire.

I wanted to repurpose fabric scraps in this projects. I weaved the fabric strips around the jute wreath and in between the chicken wire. To secure the fabrics strips I used a hot glue gun. I didn’t have to use a ton of hot glue, just a bit at the beginning and end of each strip. I love how all the different colors of fabric look! You could also pick certain colors of fabric if you wanted the colors to be more coordinated.

I then glued a few artificial flowers on the wreath! I was so excited to use these green flowers!

Hope you give this a try!! I have this wreath hanging inside my entry way and am so excited to hang quotes, notes and cards on it!!

Spring Gnome

I’ve been seeing this gnome on Pinterest and in other craft projects and decided to give it a try this month! The hat of the gnome is a Terra Cotta pot and the body is a sock!

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Terra Cotta Pot
  • Spray Paint, I used green for the pot
  • 1 Sock
  • 1 wood bead
  • Faux fur, I got mine from Hobby Lobby in the felt isle
  • Scissors
  • Thread and Needle
  • Poly-fil
  • weighted pellets or rice
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Artificial flowers
  • Floral wire


I first started with the pot hat. I spray painted it green on just the outside since you can’t see the inside. You could use the pot without painting it or you could paint it a color of your preference. I added in small flowers and succulents in the small hole that would be the top of the hat. I squished enough flowers in there so that it was pretty secure so I didn’t have to add glue.

To make the body I used a sock and cut off the top of it. You can then stuff it and add weighted pellets or rice. I wanted mine to stand up so I added pellets (or the rice) to the bottom then added stuffing. I added some additional pellets in the middle of the stuffing just to help it balance with the pot on it.

I stuffed mine pretty full, but you could always make the body smaller depending on the size of your pot.

I stitched the top closed with tread and needle. A basic stitch would work for this. I used an overcast stitch.

I cut the fur for the beard in a v shape that was the right width for the body. And glued it around the top of the sock.

I than gathered some small artificial flowers and wrapped floral wire around them. Than I glued them to the side of the sock body and wrapped the edge of the beard around it.

I put a small amount of hot glue on the wood bead and placed it so that it was partially underneath the pot but still visible. Than you can add flowers on the pot for decoration! This is such a fun craft! Comment below with pictures of your favorite gnome crafts or if you give this a try!

Spool Pendant & Beaded Chain

Supplies Needed:

  • Chain, I bought mine from Amazon and got the beaded chain with pearls
  • 2 Jump rings
  • Clasp, I used a toggle clasp
  • Wire Cutters
  • Book page
  • Scissors
  • Mod podge
  • Brush
  • 16 gauge wire
  • Small Wooden Spool


I have been looking for a unique necklace to wear, but have not been able to find what I wanted. So I decided to make one! I wanted a very long necklace so you may decide to make yours shorter if you decide to make this.

To measure out the chain I simply pulled some of the chain from the spool and wrapped it around my neck and cut it with the wire cutters when it was the length I wanted.

I used a wood spool for the pendant that I got from Amazon, but this is a perfect way to repurpose spools that you have left over from other crafts as well. I used the 16 gauge wire to secure the bottom of the spool and make a hanger at the top. I started at the bottom and made a spiral with the wire and then wrapped the end of the wire around the loops to secure them. Then I made circles with the wire for the hanger at the top and secured it with the end of the wire by wrapping it around the circles.

I decoupaged a book page to the spool. I love using book pages in my crafts!! I marked the length of the inner part of the spool on the page and trimmed it with scissors. I then added mod podge to the wood spool and put the book page on top of it and also brushed mod podge on top of the page.

I used jump rings to attach the clasp to the chain. To do this you can use two needle nose pliers to open the ring and put the chain and clasp on it and then close it. You do this for both ends.

Because the hanger on the pendant is so big you can put it on the chain before or after you attached the clasp.

Cork Board Makeover

Supplies Needed:

  • Cork Board, I got mine from Hobby Lobby and it is 15 inches x 36 inches
  • White Felt 1 yard
  • Charcoal Grey Felt 14 inches by 42 inches
  • Felt Balls, I got mine from Amazon and Michael’s
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Burlap ribbon for hanger
  • Electric Staple Gun

Felt Makeover:

This is a simple makeover but adds a lot of color and dimension to your cork board!! Below is a picture of what the cork board looked like before I recovered it with felt. You can use any color felt you want! I decided to go with the white and charcoal grey.

Below you can see the different layers of felt and ribbon that I added. I first stapled the white felt over the whole cork board. No one is going to see the back so I didn’t cover it, but you could take a 15×36 inch piece of felt and cover the whole back so no one can see the staples and excess material.

Once I stapled the white felt, I glued the first row of felt balls on the top and bottom. To secure the felt balls I put a small line of hot glue on the white felt and then added two or three felt balls at a time. I did this all the way to the end. If the felt balls were loss I add some additional glue in between the balls. After I had hot glued one row of balls on the top and bottom, I then added the piece of charcoal felt in the middle. I did this by wrapping it around the middle of the cork board and stapling the excess on the back.

After the charcoal felt is secured I then added a second row of felt balls to the top and bottom of the cork board!

I then stapled the burlap hanger on the back. I stapled each end of the hanger five inches from the middle of the cork board.

I hope you give this a try!! It was so fun and I love the way the felt balls look on the cork board!! Comment below with your favorite cork board makeover!

Wood Sunflower Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden sunflower sign
  • Yellow scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Rose gold textured paint
  • Paint brush
  • Bottom of mesh trash can (optional)
  • Light brown spray paint (optional)


I love sunflowers and was so excited to do this craft! I bought the wooden sunflower from Hobby Lobby. It was 50% in the spring items collection. It also already has a twine hanger on the back.

First, I traced the two sizes of petals on the flower with paper and pencil. I cut out the two templates and cut out the scrapbook paper in those sizes. I used a variety of designs and shades of yellow for the petals.

I used the bottom of a mesh trash can for the center. The trash can is from the Dollar Tree and I had already cut out the bottom with wire cutters for a craft last week. I spray painted it a light brown color.

I painted the wooden sunflower center with the Decoart textured rose gold paint. While the paint was still wet, I put the spray-painted mesh circle on top of it so that the paint dried around it, allowing it to stick to the center. I think the center would look great even with just the textured paint, which is why I listed the mesh circle as optional.

I wanted to give the petals a little bit of dimension. I put a small amount of stuffing in the center of each wood petal and glued the scrapbook paper on top of it. To glue the scrapbook paper, I put a small amount of hot glue along the edges of the cut-out paper and placed it on top of both the stuffing and wood petal.

Below is the picture of the final result! Hope you give this a try! Leave a comment below if you do or if you have done a similar craft!

Decoupaged Glass Block


  • Glass Block, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Decorative Napkins
  • Fairy Lights


I did this project outside today because the sun was so bright and dried the mod podge quickly. I got this glass block at Hobby Lobby. They have several sizes, but I chose the largest because I knew I wanted to make it into a light.

I chose these floral and rabbit napkins for this project. I believe I bought them at Home Goods.

To prepare the napkins for decoupaging I used a piece of scotch tape. I put a small piece of it on the back of the napkin and pulled the two back layers off. Sometimes if only one layer of napkin comes off you can then put another piece of tape on the back to peel off the second layer.

I then used the brush to coat the front of the glass block with mod podge and then put the napkin on it and brushed another coat on top of the napkin.

I used this same technique to decoupage the rest of the block. the front napkin had enough excess to cover most of the sides and I used the back napkin to cover the rest. I did have to piece together some of the areas on the sides where the napkins ripped over the grooves.

I wanted to add a bunny to the front. So I ripped the napkin to only have the bunny and flowers and separated it from the back two layers.

The front of the block had already dried so I added some mod podge to the area that I wanted to put the rabbit and then placed the napkin there and brushed a coat of mod podge on top of it.

I put two strands of fairy lights inside of the glass block and then put the lid back on.

Than you have a unique light!

Hope you give this a try!! It is so fun and easy to make! Comment below if you do or if you have made something similar!

Dowel Sign Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • Dowel Sticks
  • Drill and Drill Bit (I used the smallest drill bit I had)
  • Waxed Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Decor Supplies that I used:

  • Celery Green Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Wood Beads
  • Artificial Flowers


I first lined up my dowel sticks and measured an inch from both ends. I marked with a pencil where I wanted to drill.

I then used a small drill bit and drill two holes in the sticks. I will say this would work better with bigger dowel sticks, but it did work with the small ones as well.

Once all the holes are drilled in the sticks, I used thread and needle to gather them together. I made a knot to secure the bottom and sewed through the drilled holes. Once all the sticks are together I tied a knot at the top to form a hanger for the sign. Once this was finished I painted the sign with an acrylic paint.

To decorate the sign I hot glued wood beads with the hole in a vertical direction. Once they were glued on I added small flowers in the holes. You could also add flowers to the top and bottom of the sign as well.

I hope you give this craft a try! Comment below if you do or with any other craft ideas!

Easter Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Artificial Spring Flowers
  • Easter Eggs
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters


This is a simple craft! First I cut the flowers with wire cutters, in order to glue them on the wreath. I left a little bit of the stem in order to secure it in the wreath.

You can place a small amount of glue on the stem and bottom of the flower and place it in the wreath. The design and placement can be however you want it to be.

After I had all the flowers I wanted glued onto the wreath, I then glued on the Easter eggs around the wreath.

I hope you give this a try! It’s very simple, but just the pop of color needed for Spring!

Comment below with your Spring Wreath ideas!

Shim Frame Craft

This is such a fun craft and is one that you can customize to be whatever you want it to be a frame for. I have a couple examples at the end of ways I used these frames.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood Shims
  • Framed Canvas
  • Nails & Hammer
  • Staple Gun (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Gel Wood Stain


I used the wood frame from a canvas for this craft. First You will want to use scissors or some other sharp object to make a cut in the canvas so that you can take it off of the wood canvas. Below are some pictures of how I did that.

Once the frame is separated from the canvas, I then laid my wood shims on the hui frame to see how much I would need to trim them. I just used scissors for the trimming. Wood shims are pretty easy to cut. Then I laid out my wood shims on the frame to make sure I had enough. I alternated the shims so that the thicker part of the shim was every other on each side. I don’t think you have to do that, but I thought it would just make it easier to hang this way.

I used nails and staples to secure the wood shims to the frame. I was mostly just experimenting to see which way would work best. I preferred the nails because it would work for both the thin and thicker side of the shim.

Once the shims are attached to the frame this is what it will look like! I think it turns out very pretty and can lean it against the wall or you can add command strips or a wire to hang it.

To decorate the frame I first stained them with a oak gel wood stain. After that I added white paint to the one I was going to decoupage. After the paint dried I decoupaged a picture that I printed and have for sale on Etsy! I then sanded it to make it looks more rustic and added some burlap flowers and buttons. The fun thing is you can decorate it however you want to!

The picture above I did a bit different. After I stained it I used decoupage to attach lace to the inside of the frame and then added a clothes pin to hang notes or quotes. Then I added some butterfly embellishments.

I hope you give this a try! It is so fun and easy! Comment if you do or if you have done a similar project!

Pom Pom Bag Decor

Supplies Needed:

  • Waxed Thread
  • 8 Beads of your choice, I used various sized wood beads
  • 4 Pom Poms
  • Needle
  • Scissors


This is a very simple craft and is a cute decoration for your bag!

First, I cut my waxed thread and threaded two pieces of it through my needle. The double thread is good to secure the pom poms and beads. I kept the length of the waxed thread to be the size that would fit my bag.

It doesn’t matter the order that you put the beads and pom poms in. I wanted to intermix the beads and pom poms. I placed them in a symmetrical order on both sides. These pom poms are similar to ones you would find in a local craft store. I just used the needle to thread the pom pom through the center.

I secured each end of the decoration with a double knot. Then I looped it around the handle of my craft bag!

If you give this a try or already have a similar decoration, I would love it if you would comment below with a picture!

Organizing Your Creative Space


Today’s podcast is about organizing your creative space! I recorded this last week and wanted to share with you how I organized and made my craft room more accessible! I’ve been thinking about how organization can give us space to be more creative and the ability to work on projects more efficiently!

Would love to hear about how you organize your space!

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Metal Ring for the wreath frame. I got mine from Hobby Lobby, it is in the isle with the macrame items. I used the largest size.
  • Two Shamrock and Berry garlands, I bought mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Zip Ties
  • Shamrock Burlap for Decorative Bow
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun, this is my amazon affiliate link for the glue gun I use
  • Scissors


This is a really easy craft to do. I first laid down the first garland on top of the metal wreath. I then put zip ties to secure the garland to the ring.

Once you have secured the first garland to the wreath, you place the second garland on top. I put the second garland the opposite direction of the first so that the berries would look fuller on the wreath. I zip tied the second garland around the wreath and the first garland. You can adjust the garland and berries after it is all attached.

I then made a bow with shamrock burlap ribbon. I laid various strips of ribbon down and then tied twine in the middle of the pile. I covered the twine with another small strip of ribbon. I then hot glued the two long strips of ribbon to hang on the back of the bow. After the bow is finished, I hot glued the bow to the wreath.

This is what the wreath looked like when it was all finished!

I made a similar bow in the blog post below!

Candle Bowl Fairy

This is such a cute craft and there are so many ways you can decorate this and make it your own!


  • Small Candle Bowl
  • Medium Candle Bowl
  • Flower Candle Holder
  • E6000 Glue

Optional Decoration Supplies

  • Lace
  • 1 Wire Stem
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue (Link listed is my Amazon Affiliate link)
  • Felt
  • 1 Button


These are the three items I used for this project. You can use candle bowls and holder that you already have at home. I got mine from Hobby Lobby when their candle items are on sale.

The larger bowl will be turned over on the bottom of the fairy and the bottom of the smaller bowl will be glued on top.

I put E6000 glue on the rim and in the middle of the small bowl and then placed it on the bigger bowl.

I then put E6000 glue on the rim of the of the small bowl and placed the flower candle holder on top.

To decorate the fairy, I used felt flowers and lace wings. I used small flowers to decorate the fairy’s head. I glued those on with hot glue. I then hot glued a bigger flower on the side of the fairy.

To make the fairy wings I twisted the wire stem into two circles with a small gap between to hot glue it to the fairy. I cut the lace to be big enough to cover the wings and have a bit to fold over. I used hot glue and covered the wire and laid it on top of the lace. I then used hot glue on the back and folded the lace over. I put hot glue on the middle gap of the wings and placed it on the top of the bottom bowl.

Wood Heart Craft


  • Wood Pallet Heart (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Lace
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Double Sided Tape (This is my referral link for Amazon, I love this tape!)
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush


This is the wood pallet heart that I used for this project. The first step I did was trace the four different sections of the heart on the scrapbook paper I wanted to use.

Then I cut out three pieces of lace to cover the gaps between the wood. I put a piece of double-sided tape along the edge of the gap and then put the lace on top of it. Then trim the extra lace that is not stuck to the double-sided tape.

Cut out the scrapbook paper that you traced the heart pieces on.

Then I decoupaged the pieces of scrapbook paper onto the wooden heart. I used gloss mod podge for the decoupaging. First, I brushed mod podge on the wood and then placed the scrapbook paper on the wood section.

Then brush mod podge on top of the scrapbook paper. Do this for all wood sections.

Comment below of you try this project or how you decorated your wooden heart!

Heart Wreath

This is a tutorial of how to decorate a grapevine heart wreath with felt. I bought the wreath from Hobby Lobby. It was on sale as a part of their Valentine’s Day crafts!

Supplies Needed:

  • Grapevine Heart Wreath
  • Green, Red, and Tan felt. I used 5 red sheets, 1 tan sheet, and 1 green sheet
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


First, I cut out small leaves from the green felt sheet. I folded the sheet in half and cut two leaves at a time in a variety of shapes and sizes.

I then hot glued the leaves on the wreath. I covered half of the heart with the leaves.

I then made three different kinds of felt flowers to glue on the other side of the heart. For the rose flowers I first cut the felt into a circle. It can be an size you want.

I cut the circles into a wavy spiral. You can start by cutting into the top of the circle and then creating waves by going up and down with your scissors. You then keep cutting the waves into a spiral like this:

You can glue the roses together a couple of different ways. If you want it to be a tight flower then you would just put hot glue in the center of the middle and fold the felt in to make the center. Then roll the flower and add hot glue when needed to hold the flower together.

You can also glue the rose flower with a wider center and add a center with the other flower we will learn below.

To make the third flower I used the tan felt and put a line of hot glue against the edge and made a small fold. Then cut the felt where the edge of the fold is.

Once the strip is cut, then cut small slits on the folded side. Do no cut all the way through. Do this the whole way down the strip.

Once you have cut the slits you can add hot glue to the bottom of the strip and start rolling it together to make the flower. Add hot glue as needed to keep the flower together.

You can also combine both types of flowers to make wider roses with the tan loops inside.

Once you have finished your flowers you can hot glue them to the other side of the heart wreath. I used 9 flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this craft! Comment below if you give this a try or tell us how you decorated your heart wreath.

Book Page Tree Decor

Making decor out of book pages is very fun! I have access to a lot of book pages because I make handmade journals out of book covers and try to also reuse the pages. In this tutorial I will talk through how I made three different ornaments for my tomato cage tree. I am planning to leave my tree up all year and wanted to change up the decorations from Christmas. You can see the tutorial video and pictures below. Would love to know if you have a tree up all year and what kind of decorations you use!

Glass Snowman

Supplies Needed

  • Two candle bowls (One small then the other), one candle cylinder and plate for hat
  • Black spray paint for hat
  • Stuffing
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • E6000 Glue
  • Decorations for scarf and hat, I used felt and winter floral stems


I have been seeing these glass snowmen on Facebook and Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. I decided to use candle bowls because it was really cheap at Hobby Lobby because they were all 50% off.

I spray painted the cylinder black for the top hat.

I put a thin line of E6000 glue on the rim of the cylinder and put it in the center of the bottom of the plate.

Then I put stuffing, glitter, and sequins in the bowls for decoration. The smaller bowl I glued on top of the slightly bigger bowl. I put a thin line of E6000 glue on the rim of the bottom bowl and placed the smaller bowl on top. Let sit for approximately 10 minutes.

Put a thin line of E6000 glue on the rim of the top bowl and place the glass top hat on it. Let the glue dry.