Life In Bloom 05.30.22


Wanted to check in with you today to update you about my life and Blooming Resilient!!

So thankful for all the people who have supported me on the journey of starting this blog and who respond to or view the content I create. I am so thankful for you!! This has been the best month for views and likes in the last 6 months!!! 🤩🤩 thank you for all of your support!! Love being on this journey with you!

I will be starting to put more handmade items for sale on the Blooming Resilient Shop! So look out for that! I am also planning to start sending a regular email newsletter so head to the home page and subscribe!!

Evening Yoga

I have been doing an evening yoga series before bed. It has been so helpful to calm my mind and body. The book I’ve been using has short routines for different times of the day. I’ve been doing some of the ‘Restore’ section poses in the evening.

These are my favorite evening poses:

Easy Sitting Pose

Yoga meditation in siddhasana. Om meditation for body relax and spirit harmony. Engraved vector illustration isolated on white background

Legs up the Wall

Reclining Butterfly

Extended Child’s Pose

Relaxing yoga pose. Woman in balasana or extended childs pose. Sketch vector illustration

Time of Decluttering

I recently went to a workshop by Lori Firsdon, who has a business inspiring people to take control of their clutter and life.

I love her way of decluttering and it has been so inspiring. I’ve been decluttering in my home and at work. The part of her philosophy that was so helpful to me was defining the purpose for each room. If there are things in the room that don’t fit the purpose then you can decide to get rid of it, donate it, sell it, or move it to the right room. She also recommends decluttering from top to bottom and left to right. She had so many helpful tips and information that has helped me declutter and try to use my space more effectively. Here is her website if you want more information:

Breathing In Hope Breathing out Anxiety

Lately, I have been really focusing on taking out things in my life that are causing extra stress, chaos, or anxiety in my life. Choosing things in my life that brings peace, fits my purpose, and is complimentary to the life I want to have. A few simple ways I am doing this is spending time with people who are like minded, journaling more, saying ‘no’, going to therapy, and doing things I enjoy no matter how small.

Will check in again soon! 💛

– Daejanna

Life in Bloom 05.15.22


I hope you have had a great day! I wanted to start writing a more personal post on a regular basis where I can share with you about the business, and my personal life.

Yesterday was the Town and Country market day!

I was a bit nervous for it because I had never done this event and I had been feeling really tired all week and was not sure how my energy would hold up. But it ended up going really well! I sold quite a few things and got to tell people about this blog. There was not a lot of people at the shopping center that day, but there was one particular moment where there was a good amount of people in the breeze way and on both my left and right vendors and guests were talking and laughing and it was getting kind of loud. I sat there and just took in the sound and it filled my heart with so much joy. It was very cool and just almost gave me the same feeling as a big hug. I just loved it!

Being at craft fairs and shows like this can be so inspiring. Just seeing other creative people and their passion is so uplifting. I spent time journaling about the blog in my planner during the slow times. I don’t know what it is that inspires me so much at those events, but I was able to plan out my blog posts for the week and came up with two ideas for new types of posts including this one and a photo a day post that will be published monthly. I was so thankful for the opportunity to just reflect and reevaluate different types of posts I can do for this blog! It’s good to know what brings inspiration!!

It does take a lot of energy to do those kinds of events so I was so happy I had time to rest today and relax at home.

Below is a quick video from last night of my rabbit running around the living room. It made me laugh!! This is kind of our night time routine. I sit on the couch for a little bit and he runs all around the room.

Will check in again soon! Thank you for reading!!

– Daejanna