Process For Creating

I wish creating could be a linear A to Z process. If you are like me this is potentially more what the process looks like:

I laughed as I made this image because it is so true to how the creative process goes. It often feels like you go back three steps to move forward one. This process drives me crazy and can be so incredibly frustrating. There are moments when I feel like I’ve wasted so much time just trying to figure out the process for creating something.

But the reality is that even though it can be challenging, I love the process. I love the puzzle and mystery that comes with getting creative. Often when I’ve felt like I’ve “wasted” time trying to figure out a creative process, it’s really time invested in learning the material and the idea more in-depth. I also have to remind myself that there is not a wrong way to get creative. Sometimes projects turn out different then you expect but it doesn’t make it wrong but instead something new and different.

Get creative and enjoy the adventure in the process! 💛

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