Marjoram Essential Oil Spotlight


This is one of my favorite essential oils! Marjoram is a herb that you can use in cooking, when distilled is an essential oil you can use in a variety of ways!

Origin: Egypt, often grown in Mediterranean, North Africa, and Western Asia (Preiato, 2019)

Herb Family: Mint family

Benefits of Marjoram

These benefits have not been reviewed by the FDA but were reported by people who used them. I don’t recommend ingesting essential oils because of their strength. You can inhale or put essential oils on topically.

  • Marjoram has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties (Preiato, 2019)
  • Is an antioxidant, which helps repair damaged cells (Preiato, 2019)
  • May help with digestive issues (Preiato, 2019)
  • Helps relieve headaches (WebMD)
  • Helps alleviate common cold symptoms
  • Helps relieve nerve and muscle pain (WebMD)


Preiato, D. (2019). “What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses”

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