Fall Floral Craft

Supplies Needed

I did two parts for this craft. The first was painting the glass bowl for the flower bouquet to go into and the second was arranging the flowers in the bowl.

Glass Bowl Painting Supplies:

  • Mod Podge
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Painting Sponge
  • Something to mix the mod podge and the acrylic paint
  • Bowl for paint
  • Glass Container

Floral Bouquet Supplies:

  • Fall flowers of your choice
  • Rocks for the bottom of the bowl or Styrofoam


I tried this new technique of mixing mod podge and acrylic paint to create a textured surface with the paint. I put some of both in the bowl and mixed it with a foam brush. I used a paint sponge to apply it to the bowl.

I dabbed the surface with the sponge until the whole surface of the bowl was covered. Then I let it dry and touched up some areas.

I love the look of this paint!! It has a see through aspect on the inside but appears black and textured on the outside.

I had fall flowers, leaves, mushrooms, and Halloween decor to go inside the bowl. I got these from Michael’s some from the Halloween section and some from the floral department.

I started making the bouquet by putting in the rocks and the greenery.

After I added in the fall flowers and mushrooms. I added in the “Boo!” sign, but also love it without it!

I love the way this turned out!! Comment below if you give this a try or your favorite fall bouquets!

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