Daily Resilience: Communication

Resilience & Communication

Our resilience impacts how we communicate!! When we are in our resilient zone we are able to communicate a lot better then when we are in a survival mode.

When we are overwhelmed, stressed, or triggered out of our resilient zone it is very difficult to problem solve and think situations through. The reason is because when we are in these spaces our brain tunnels are thoughts more towards just reacting to survive instead of processing with our thinking brain. In this situation we might experience these communication difficulties:

  • Reacting aggressively to the people around us
  • Overreacting or reacting inappropriately
  • Difficulty problem solving

This can also have huge impacts on our relationships and feeling safe within ourselves.

In comparison, when we are in our resilient zone we are able to problem solve, respond thoughtfully, and think through the situations around us. This is because we are processing the situations around us with our thinking brain, meaning we are able to intentionally think through and respond instead of just reacting to survive. This can allow us to thrive, work towards our goals, and make intentional choices to create better relationships and circumstances.

Take Away

When I am noticing myself reacting instead of thinking through a response or feeling overly stressed and having difficulty communicating I have learned to take a pause. For me this often looks like walking away taking deep breaths, grounding by focusing on a surface around me, or redirecting my thoughts to something that brings me joy. These activities often allow me to calm and think through what’s going on. If I am overreacting because of a trauma trigger then I will ground myself by reminding myself where I am, that I am safe, and just orient myself to my present moment. Often when we are triggered it it is because our focus is on something that happened in the past.

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