Vinyl decal on T-shirt

Supplies Needed:

  • Plain t-shirt, I had previously bought mine at Michael’s
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl, I got mine on Amazon
  • Iron
  • Parchment Paper, I used Coffee filters


This is a really simple project. First place your vinyl decal where you want it. Then use the parchment paper, I used coffee filters, and iron it the decal on the T-shirt. You may have to put a good amount of pressure on the iron while it’s on the decal to get it to transfer. I only had the iron on the decal in 15 second intervals. You can check it periodically to see if the plastic is ready to come off.

Once the decal is pressed onto the shirt you can peel off the plastic. Check that the whole decal is securely transferred to the T-shirt. If not you can iron the decal with the coffee filter on top of it, but be careful the iron can burn the vinyl if it touches it directly.

Then you have a fun shirt! In my experience vinyl does tend to peel off shirts in the washer and dryer. I would say hand wash only, or at least turn the t shirt inside out in the washer and hang dry.

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