Cutting Board Makeover

Crafting with cutting boards is so fun and there are so many things you can do with them! I wanted to make this cutting board into a wall hanging. I got this cutting board from Home Goods.

I wanted to use this left over jean pocket as a way to create a bouquet on the cutting board. You can decorate the pocket however you want or leave it plain.

I wanted to use these pins to hold down the pocket but the wood made the pins bend. So I pre-nailed holes that were a similar size to the pins and then was able to use to pins to hold the pocket. Once the pin was stuck in the wood I did lightly tap them with a hammer to secure them.

Then I put in harvest leaves and flowers to create the wall hanging.

I put the artificial wheat and other leaves in the back and the rest of the flowers in the front. Would love to see how you get creative with cutting boards!

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