Wreath Wall Decor

I love making wreaths and enjoy them as decor for inside and outside. I had an extra large burlap wreath from a craft show and wanted to remake it. My goal was to make it a wreath I could have as wall decor inside all year. This is what the wreath looked like originally!

I realized this fit perfectly in the hallway at the top of my stairs and wanted to redecorate it! I took off the flowers and bow first.

Since I want to keep this up all year, I didn’t want to glue in any decorations so that I can change out the flowers and decorations. The color of the burlap makes it easy to match with a lot of different decorations. I bought this greenery at Hobby Lobby during a sale and love the way it looked with this wreath.

To decorate the wreath with this greenery i first cut the stems and took apart the sprigs. I tucked the sprigs in throughout the wreath in the frame and in the burlap. I love this because it is something you can add flowers to or take out the leaves and add in new greenery.

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