Daily Resilience

There are so many great tools to use daily to practice and build resilience. One of my favorite tools is grounding. This is the practice of putting your focus on the here and now by paying attention to a solid surface around you. I use grounding all the time to help center myself when struggling with anxiety. One of my favorite parts of the grounding script I use is the beginning, “Look to the left and to the right and remind yourself that you are here, right now in this space.” I love this!! This simple statement has helped pull me out of some big moments of anxiety. Many times when we are anxious, worrying, or fearful our attention is either on the past or the unknown future. Sometimes reminding yourself that you’re not in the past in those moments that caused such anxiety and that you can’t be in the future to know what will happen is huge. This can be a great way to help us to build resilience and stay grounded.

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