Benefits of Creativity


The best thing about creativity is that it is unique for all of us. There are so many different mediums and ways to be creative. I believe we all have creative power, sometimes it comes out in art, conversations, mechanical work, crafts, music, and in anything we pour our passion into. I felt very insecure about my creativity when I was growing up and struggled to find my creative voice when I was a young adult. What I learned during those seasons was that it’s okay if your creativity looks different than other peoples, simply creating is empowering, and in the process of creativity we learn a lot about ourselves. There are a lot of benefits to being creative for our overall well-being.

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Benefits of Creativity

  • Being creative, in whatever form, is a great way to share your story. It’s an opportunity to develop your voice and share that with your community. Telling our story can be healing, empowering, and affirming.
  • Getting creative often is a mental challenge. We learn while we are being creative about different mediums, how things work together, and skills to make a project work. This mental stimulation is great for our brain and challenges us to be resourceful.
  • Creativity can be a great source of peace and comfort. Life can be really hard and taking time to be creative is a great space for our mind to rest. To just be able to focus on a project that we enjoy and get creative can be so comforting and give us a moment of calm in the midst of the craziness of life.
  • Creativity can create community with others. There is something so special about connecting with other people about creativity. It is so cool to see how everyone creates differently and finding common ground in creativity can help us not feel so alone in this world.
  • Creativity can be a source of emotional strength. There have been times in my life when I have been working through heartbreak, disappointment, or sadness and being creative helped me brave those hard moments. Being creative does this by being a great form of expression, giving us a since of purpose, and allowing us to work out difficult feelings in a productive way.

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