Daily Resilience

Today I want to talk about our brain’s neuroplasticity. This is so cool! Our brain has the ability to generate new neuropathways and neurons! It can literally adapt to our habits and decisions. This might sound like a boring topic, but it is life changing!! Since our brain is malleable and able to create new pathways it allows us to change our lifestyle, the way we think, and how we live. Our brain creates neuropathways to allow our body to work efficiently. This is why it can be so hard to break old habits because our brain and body have adjusted to the old habits and have neuropathways to support those. But there is hope that our brain can build new pathways to support new habits. Can you think of a time when you first started a new habit and it was really hard? But when you stuck to it and kept practicing it got easier and easier, this is because of neuroplascity. How can we use our brain’s neuroplasticity to support our new habits? The key is the tool of attention! Using your focus, energy, and attention to work towards the new habit. This is very practical to do. How can be use our attention as a tool:

  • Focusing your attention daily on the new habit through journaling and tracking
  • Practice the new skill or habit regularly
  • Make a vision board to focus on your new goal
  • Training your brain for the new habit by doing research or making a plan for implementing the new habit
  • Talk about your new habit regularly with an accountability buddy or group
Resilience sign with wooden cubes on background

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