Daily Resilience

There are so many ways that we are resilient and we weather through so much in our lives. The key to building even more resilience is to be able to focus our attention in directions that brings us feelings of calm, joy, and keeps our body from being in survival mode. When we do this we are able to respond instead of react, our body doesn’t release stress hormones, and we can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally in our lives. One of the ways that I grow my resilience is taking time to go outside and listen to the sounds around me. I often close my eyes and just listen. There is often birds, traffic, and sounds of people golfing. It is so calming to redirect my attention from the daily stresses of life and instead to tune into my immediate surroundings. Here is a recording of the sounds at my home when I was doing this the other day.

How can you practice tuning into your environment and just listening to the sounds around you? If you do give this a try comment below with how this worked for you!

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