Crafty Weekend

I took sometime this weekend to do some craft projects and wanted to share them with you!! I find that taking time to be extra creative can be very relaxing and helps me to clear my mind. Below are the projects I worked on! Some of them are complete projects and some are preparation for new projects.

Tree Wreath

I saw Barb Lewis, from the Shabby Tree, create this and decided to give it a try! I love trees and loved the idea of it and I already had the supplies.

I used a natural branch wreath that I got previously from Michael’s. I first started by hot gluing rocks to the bottom of the wreath where the bottom of the twine would be glued.

I twisted the the strands of large jute together and separated the strands to glue on the top and bottom to make the tree. The bottom strands I hot glued over the rocks and the top strands I glued to the back of the wreath.

I then hot glued reindeer moss on the top of the tree to make the leaves and more rocks on top of the bottom of the tree.

This is such a fun an beautiful project to do!!

Clay Craft

I wanted to make some molded clay for some projects that I am planning to do in the future. I bought theses silicone molds at variety of places. I used air hardening clay. I simply took small amounts of clay and put it in the molds.

The tops of the clay hardened well in the mold but for the bottom to harden I did have to take them carefully out of the molds.

Americana Sun Hat Wreath

I will be making a full blog post about how to make this wreath. I love how the Americana flowers and decor looks on it. I think the straw hat material is compatible with so many different color schemes!

Those were the highlights of my crafty weekend! Now I’m ready to get ready for the work week!! Hope you had a great weekend too!

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