The Life of Buzz the Bunny

Buzz is less than a year old and has been with me since October of last year. I love him!! It has been so much fun. Though it has been challenging too! Buzz definitely gets fiesty and is very particular, but his sassy nature makes it all the more fun!

He loves his pellets! I always think it is so funny that he has both paws in the pellet bowl when he eats.

He loves to sit on the robot vacuum when it is not on.

He gets very excited and runs around when the vacuum is running or stubbornly sits in front of it so that it has to go the other direction.

He loves to play when you get on the floor with him.

He loves hiding in boxes and eating the cardboard.

He also enjoys his rabbit toys!

Buzz is litter box trained and uses both of his litter boxes really well.

But above all Buzz loves to relax and nap!

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