DIY Americana Bucket


  • Small White Bucket
  • Americana Napkins
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Artificial Americana Flowers


To get ready for this craft, I first cut my napkin into the pieces I wanted to use to cover my bucket. I wanted two full pieces of napkin that contained 1/4 of the napkin with the red truck, the plaid edges, and two pieces that had only the white background and stars.

I first decoupaged the pieces of napkin with the red truck. I tried to mod podge opposite of each other on the bucket. So that the truck would be in the front and back. To decoupage the napkin make sure to remove the other layers of the napkin so that there is only the decorative top layer left. Then brush mod podge on the bucket and place the napkin on the bucket and brush more mod podge on top of the napkin.

Then I cut the pieces of napkin that were just white with stars to fit the uncovered parts of the bucket. I decoupaged it in the same way as the truck pieces.

I then decoupaged the edge pieces to the top of the bucket.

Then I added the artificial Americana flowers. I hope you give this craft a try! Comment below with your favorite Americana crafts!

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