Life in Bloom 05.15.22


I hope you have had a great day! I wanted to start writing a more personal post on a regular basis where I can share with you about the business, and my personal life.

Yesterday was the Town and Country market day!

I was a bit nervous for it because I had never done this event and I had been feeling really tired all week and was not sure how my energy would hold up. But it ended up going really well! I sold quite a few things and got to tell people about this blog. There was not a lot of people at the shopping center that day, but there was one particular moment where there was a good amount of people in the breeze way and on both my left and right vendors and guests were talking and laughing and it was getting kind of loud. I sat there and just took in the sound and it filled my heart with so much joy. It was very cool and just almost gave me the same feeling as a big hug. I just loved it!

Being at craft fairs and shows like this can be so inspiring. Just seeing other creative people and their passion is so uplifting. I spent time journaling about the blog in my planner during the slow times. I don’t know what it is that inspires me so much at those events, but I was able to plan out my blog posts for the week and came up with two ideas for new types of posts including this one and a photo a day post that will be published monthly. I was so thankful for the opportunity to just reflect and reevaluate different types of posts I can do for this blog! It’s good to know what brings inspiration!!

It does take a lot of energy to do those kinds of events so I was so happy I had time to rest today and relax at home.

Below is a quick video from last night of my rabbit running around the living room. It made me laugh!! This is kind of our night time routine. I sit on the couch for a little bit and he runs all around the room.

Will check in again soon! Thank you for reading!!

– Daejanna

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