Decoupaged Glass Block


  • Glass Block, I got mine from Hobby Lobby
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Decorative Napkins
  • Fairy Lights


I did this project outside today because the sun was so bright and dried the mod podge quickly. I got this glass block at Hobby Lobby. They have several sizes, but I chose the largest because I knew I wanted to make it into a light.

I chose these floral and rabbit napkins for this project. I believe I bought them at Home Goods.

To prepare the napkins for decoupaging I used a piece of scotch tape. I put a small piece of it on the back of the napkin and pulled the two back layers off. Sometimes if only one layer of napkin comes off you can then put another piece of tape on the back to peel off the second layer.

I then used the brush to coat the front of the glass block with mod podge and then put the napkin on it and brushed another coat on top of the napkin.

I used this same technique to decoupage the rest of the block. the front napkin had enough excess to cover most of the sides and I used the back napkin to cover the rest. I did have to piece together some of the areas on the sides where the napkins ripped over the grooves.

I wanted to add a bunny to the front. So I ripped the napkin to only have the bunny and flowers and separated it from the back two layers.

The front of the block had already dried so I added some mod podge to the area that I wanted to put the rabbit and then placed the napkin there and brushed a coat of mod podge on top of it.

I put two strands of fairy lights inside of the glass block and then put the lid back on.

Than you have a unique light!

Hope you give this a try!! It is so fun and easy to make! Comment below if you do or if you have made something similar!

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