Shim Frame Craft

This is such a fun craft and is one that you can customize to be whatever you want it to be a frame for. I have a couple examples at the end of ways I used these frames.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood Shims
  • Framed Canvas
  • Nails & Hammer
  • Staple Gun (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Gel Wood Stain


I used the wood frame from a canvas for this craft. First You will want to use scissors or some other sharp object to make a cut in the canvas so that you can take it off of the wood canvas. Below are some pictures of how I did that.

Once the frame is separated from the canvas, I then laid my wood shims on the hui frame to see how much I would need to trim them. I just used scissors for the trimming. Wood shims are pretty easy to cut. Then I laid out my wood shims on the frame to make sure I had enough. I alternated the shims so that the thicker part of the shim was every other on each side. I don’t think you have to do that, but I thought it would just make it easier to hang this way.

I used nails and staples to secure the wood shims to the frame. I was mostly just experimenting to see which way would work best. I preferred the nails because it would work for both the thin and thicker side of the shim.

Once the shims are attached to the frame this is what it will look like! I think it turns out very pretty and can lean it against the wall or you can add command strips or a wire to hang it.

To decorate the frame I first stained them with a oak gel wood stain. After that I added white paint to the one I was going to decoupage. After the paint dried I decoupaged a picture that I printed and have for sale on Etsy! I then sanded it to make it looks more rustic and added some burlap flowers and buttons. The fun thing is you can decorate it however you want to!

The picture above I did a bit different. After I stained it I used decoupage to attach lace to the inside of the frame and then added a clothes pin to hang notes or quotes. Then I added some butterfly embellishments.

I hope you give this a try! It is so fun and easy! Comment if you do or if you have done a similar project!

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