Candle Bowl Fairy

This is such a cute craft and there are so many ways you can decorate this and make it your own!


  • Small Candle Bowl
  • Medium Candle Bowl
  • Flower Candle Holder
  • E6000 Glue

Optional Decoration Supplies

  • Lace
  • 1 Wire Stem
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue (Link listed is my Amazon Affiliate link)
  • Felt
  • 1 Button


These are the three items I used for this project. You can use candle bowls and holder that you already have at home. I got mine from Hobby Lobby when their candle items are on sale.

The larger bowl will be turned over on the bottom of the fairy and the bottom of the smaller bowl will be glued on top.

I put E6000 glue on the rim and in the middle of the small bowl and then placed it on the bigger bowl.

I then put E6000 glue on the rim of the of the small bowl and placed the flower candle holder on top.

To decorate the fairy, I used felt flowers and lace wings. I used small flowers to decorate the fairy’s head. I glued those on with hot glue. I then hot glued a bigger flower on the side of the fairy.

To make the fairy wings I twisted the wire stem into two circles with a small gap between to hot glue it to the fairy. I cut the lace to be big enough to cover the wings and have a bit to fold over. I used hot glue and covered the wire and laid it on top of the lace. I then used hot glue on the back and folded the lace over. I put hot glue on the middle gap of the wings and placed it on the top of the bottom bowl.

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