Paint Kit Craft Ideas

Do you enjoy paint kits?

I was excited when I found this Black History Month paint kit in Michael’s. I am not a good painter, but I enjoy the process of painting! I did not use all the paints included in the kit and used some paint that I already had.

I painted the picture outlined. I painted it a bit different then the picture that came with the kit. I wanted to make the woman darker and tried to add some curly texture to her hair.

I love book pages and I wanted to incorporate a book page background of this picture. I ripped some book pages into strips. I then brushed mod podge on the canvas, placed the strip down, and then brushed mod podge on top of the strip to decoupage it.

I decoupaged all around the edge of the circle and I covered some of the leaves at the bottom and will repaint those when the mod podge dries.

Once the mod podge was dried I repainted some spots that were covered by the book pages and added more color to her hair. I then added embellishments!

I made some fabric roses for the head band and the bottom of the picture. I had some charms that I also wanted to add and hot glued them to the canvas. It’s so fun to make paint kits your own and add any features or decorations to them that you would like to! Half the fun is being creative and using what you have to make something new!

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