Decoupaged Heart


  • Wood Heart (I got mine from Home Goods)
  • Brush
  • Mod Podge (I used gloss)
  • Valentine’s Day Napkin
  • Scissors


I was so excited to find this set of wooden hearts at Home Goods! So cute and can be used for so many projects!

The first step is to take off the twine hanger. You can either cut it off or untie it.

My heart is fairly small so I was able to cut my napkin on the crease already there in the fold and I only needed on of the quadrants for the project. Just be sure that your napkin will at least over the front and sides of the heart. Mine will be able to fold over the whole heart.

You will start the decoupaging process by first brushing the mod podge on the heart and then putting the napkin on top and brushing mod podge on top of the napkin.

Then, you will want to put mod podge on the sides of the wooden heart and lay the napkin down shaping it to the sides and then brushing mod podge on top of the napkin.

Continue this process for the bag as well. Trim any excess from the back.

Here is how it looks once it is dry! You can poke a hole and restring it to hang. You could also use these as dough bowl fillers or even an extra craft in a gift!

Comment below if you give this craft a try!

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