Tree Decor

I have a lot of tree decor in my home! I have trees that light up, homemade trees, tomato cage tree, small pine trees, and pictures of trees. Needless to say, I love trees! They are so beautiful and when I see them or am around them in nature I feel so at peace. I think it’s because I am so in awe that God made such a great creation that grows so big and beautiful. Reminds me of how small I am and how big God is, which brings me peace. I wanted to share with you how I made the tree decorations I have and where I got the ones that I bought!

by Gluiki

Lit Trees

I use my lit-up trees every day and love them! I have two light up small tress and one large one that plugs in. They provide a good amount of light in the evenings. I have been going through a lot of batteries for the small ones since I use them every night. I bought all of them on Amazon. Definitely has been a good purchase for me. They are so pretty, but also very functional!

Here is my affiliate links for both trees:

Tree Wall Decor

I love this mural in my room! It’s so relaxing and pretty to look at! Here is my affiliate link. It takes up almost the whole wall.

Handmade Trees

There are several types of trees I have made. The first is toilet brush trees. These are so fun to make but a bit messy.

The second types of trees are yarn trees. There are two ways I have made these. Watch this video to find out how:

I have also made a tomato cage tree. These are fun to make. I chose to use garland for my tree but you could do this with mesh ribbon, burlap, or grapevine. Below is the link to the post I made previously about making the tomato cage tree with garland.

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