DIY Cardboard Snowman

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard Box (I used one from the Dollar Tree that was 11.5” x 12.5”)
  • Mop Head (I bought mine from Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Felt for the hat and scarf. I used 3 felt sheets
  • 6 Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Greenery (optional)


First, I decided how big I wanted my snowman to be and found items I could use to trace two circles on each side of the cardboard box. I then cut out the circles from the cardboard box.

Second, I cut out a rectangle and square from left over cardboard for the hat.

Third, I worked on the hat first, but you could always do this step later. I laid the rectangle on dark gray felt and hot glued the felt on the back of the cardboard. I did this by folding and gluing the sides first and then glued the top and bottom. I trimmed any excess felt from the sides. I repeated this same process with the square piece of cardboard. Once both pieces are covered with felt I glued the rectangle to the bottom edge of the square to make the hat.

Fourth, glue the circle you would like to be the head to the top of the second circle.

Fifth, I took apart the mop head. I did this by pulling a loop until I couldn’t pull anymore and then cut it with my scissors. I repeated this until all the loops were out of the mop head. I only needed one mop for the whole snowman.

Sixth, I started with the top circle and began to glue to the mop in a circular pattern. I eyeballed where I thought the middle of the top circle was and put some hot glue there and put a fold strand of a mop loop in the middle.

Seventh, I put a circle of hot glue around the already glued mop loop and continued to lay down the mop loop. I did this until the whole top circle was covered and then repeated this process for the bottom circle.

Eighth, I glued the hat to the top of the snowman’s head. You can add greenery to the hat if you would like to.

Ninth, I made the scarf. I took a felt square, from Hobby Lobby, and fold it in half on the long side and then fold it again. I then wrapped the scarf at the connection between the first and second circle and glued the felt to the backside of the cardboard. I then used another felt square and folded it in thirds and cut it on the bottom to the length I wanted and then glued the top in the fold of the felt scarf. Once it was glued, I cut small slits in the bottom.

Tenth, I glued three black buttons on the bottom circle to make the coat and then glued two buttons on the top circle for the eyes and one bigger button beneath those to make the nose.

I hope you give this a try! Post a picture or comment below if you do!

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