Budgeting Tools

We all worry, think about, plan around, and try to budget our money. There are a lot of tools that can help with this including apps, websites, and excel spreadsheets. I am a paper person and work best with budget journals.

These are helpful features that are to have in a budgeting tool:

  1. Monthly Overview: This is simply a space to write a summary of your income, expenses, and goals for the month
  2. Weekly Overview: Having this kind of feature is good to plan how each paycheck will be spent on expenses specifically.
  3. Spending Trackers: Are helpful to see how we spend money and to notice our habits
  4. Debt & Savings Trackers: See the progress being made on paying off debts and working towards saving goals.

To meet financial goals it is important to be intentional with how we spend, invest, and save. Here is a tool that might help!



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